2023-24 Hornets General Discussion Thread

Damn man send me a DM next time I just gave mine to a friend


Finally, well deserved national attention https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=F_Lxb6DWFCs&feature=youtu.be

What he wanted to say. “He should be out of the league, absolutely. Minimum 2 year suspension.”

What he implied but didn’t say. “If I say anything other than due process and there is another side, the union will absolutely sue us. They have me by the short and curlies. And I can’t stand that.”

Well this might be why he’s not getting calls. The refs are blinded by his marketing.

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Well if you’re ever in a pinch feel free to holla.

Regarding last night’s court:

I saw the on court logo for bet365. Are we allowed to bet on sports in NC now?

Not yet, in January it starts

Probably not going to start in January. May be as late as June now.

Same on my end for anyone on the board as I’m not able to make it to all the games.

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Nice seats!


What do we think about trading Gordon + 2 1st + 2 2nd for DeRozan and Caruso?

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I might give up 1 pick and I think that’s a lot for a midrange jump shooter now that we have Miller on our roster. Hayward is expiring so we would have to eat his big contract.

Derozan is a fine player, but I’d rather use our draft picks on promising young players instead of aging vets like DD.

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Absolutely not

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Not interested.

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Would love to get Caruso but we can’t afford to give up all of that draft capital for Derozan

I’ll say it again, I would love to slide Hayward to the bench and start Miller. For a lot of reasons, but namely defense if anything. Let Hayward still play 28 minutes a game, but allow him to come off the bench and sometimes anchor the bench heavy unit.


As much as I’d rather see miles play the 4 spot, I’d prefer Hayward coming off the bench.

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Derozan would be the prototype rugged vet we desperately need that is smart, hard working, competitive. But I did not realize he’s 34 already (he’s really played 15 years??)

2 first round picks for a 34 year old on an expiring is a no go, even adding in Caruso and removing Gordon. Could go for him in the offseason for vet leadership using some of Gordon’s cap space, while keeping 2 first rounders. At his age and mileage, the sudden drop off is coming around the corner, don’t know how much he’s got left. But if he’s willing to go mid-level for a couple seasons, that would work.


I am also inclined to let this year be a repeat of last year. Another top 5 pick is better than fair to middling


I really like this lineup going forward and if Rozier would come off the bench as the backup pg would be great. Trade Bouknight for Jalen McDaniels and we could go 9 to 10 deep.

Man I’d love to agree but rozier playing point guard has been absolutely brutal.
I wish