2023-24 Hornets General Discussion Thread

Anyone selling or parting way with a ticket for Mondays game?

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Wasn’t Jeff Peterson mentioned earlier as having some connection with a new owner?

I’m not sure I know what to do with all this recent team competence. And then this exclamation point.


Miller could be better than Wemby & Holmgren on scoring/rebounds & assists by the end of the year and still wouldn’t get rookie of the year, the NBA wouldn’t allow it. Wemby is going to be one of the new faces of the league and a rookie from Charlotte wouldn’t look right winning ROY.


It’s wild how much better we got right now while simultaneously boosting our future significantly. Man, what a trade season.


I’ve been a loud proponent for resetting this roster for two years now.

We’re two games into that reset and this is the most fun I’ve had watching hornets basketball in forever. Is this an incredibly small sample size? Hell yeah. But I see a team of 9 nba worthy players on the court. And they flow together-despite not really knowing each other. It’s wild.


Thank god we didn’t draft that scoot kid people were screaming about. Amateurs.


Yea, thankfully you and I were completely against that …



I still can’t wrap my head around how well the trades have worked out.

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Hats of to Mitch, he’s done well bringing talent to Charlotte! Not his fault our star players get hurt year after year! This trade made us so much deeper with quality veteran talent and brought us Mann a young rising stud! We have a lot of flexibility and can handle injuries going forward. Good Job Mitch!!

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I’ve quickly become a fan of Micic. That look-off/head fake move he has is an absolute killer. It just freezes defenders.

His ability to use his eyes to get defenders misdirected-and then he’s able to pass to a cutting player from over the top. The end of game sequences vs Indy with Micic to Bridges and then afterwards, Micic to the basket for the layup-was just perfection.

Micic is a smart dude. His game is very Steve Nash lite, especially how he wraps around the basket at times.

Thus far, Grant Williams, Tre Mann, and Micic are must-keep. I am in favor of keeping Seth Curry due to legacy, and I think he would be motivated to do his best at Charlotte to honor his pops. Not convinced with Bertans, but rather draft a youngin and give him the time that would otherwise be taken by Bertans.



Hmm. Ok legal scholars, what does that mean? Nothing significant happened? Baby momma wouldn’t talk? Any affect on his California probation?

Best guess, witness refused to cooperate and with no other witness accounts it makes it very hard to stick the charges.

It definitely doesn’t mean he didn’t do it. Those pictures are were still taken.

These are the Mecklenburg County charges, not the ones in LA County. This was the pool balls and the car thing from Jan 2023.

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Well the incident that involved the pictures was settled when he pled no contest and that’s what the 30 game (10 this season) suspension was levied for. This current case where the charges were just dropped stemmed from the incident in October 2023 where he was accused of smashing her windshield with pool balls. A violation of the no contest plea agreement. Appears the prosecutor is saying she gave conflicting statements about the situation in October and that’s why these charges are being dropped.

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I mentioned before hearing on a pod that people around the league weren’t too concerned about there being any additional punishment coming due to this case that was pending. This probably confirms that, provided he doesn’t get into any further trouble.

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