2023-24 Hornets General Discussion Thread

Maybe, but I don’t think he will get the shots like he does here

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Myles Bridges gets a 3yr 75 mill deal with the Hornets

:roll_eyes:oh well its done. No sign n trade???

My hope is that $25m is a nice one for one trade number with apron and combinable for non apron. Kinda like $12m 8-10 years ago


Yeah, 25 is a nice number. Goes towards a large contract if possible but not so big we couldn’t trade for some lesser players.

Not an awful overpay, but it doesn’t appear we were competing with any other team. Not a fan of the player or the deal, but … meh … empty calories player last season and third option for $25m per, with no team options. My fingers are crossed that Coach can get him to buy in and actually focus on D.

i think Lee will be a great fit for Miles’ He I think will get the best out of Miles

Hopefully he turns him into Tatum or Brown :grinning: with there winning mentality

Lakers are said to be wanting to salary dump C Wood and C Reddish, what about we send them a second or 2

No doubt Miles has all kinds of 2-way(the current version of Celtics basketball) potential if Coach Lee can inspire him to put his mind to it. It’s wild to me that he has hung his hat on being an average to somewhat above average offensive player when it looked like he could be a good switchable athletic defender coming out of MSU.

I just don’t think he has the smarts to be useful on defense. It amazes me how far out of position he is sometimes. And consistently a step or two behind.

Oh and rebounding. Doesn’t really box out. He just uses his hops to grab rebounds. If he could actually use technique to box out, he could be a better rebounder as well.

Wood seems interesting for a 2nd