2023 draft thread

I know we have a scoot/miller thread and one about what to do with the 27th pick. But not a thread about the entire draft in general-Hornets and non hornets picks. So delete if this is extraneous.

I personally think that the 2024 draft is no where near as talented as the 2024 class. Given the picks the hornets own this year, I really think the hornets should be pretty aggressive about consolidating the picks and move back into the first round. Even if that means trading next year’s picks to do so.

Some guys I like: Bilal Coulibaly and Leonard Miller. Bilal’s range could be anywhere from 12-20, and Leonard Miller from 16-24.

I really like both of these guys and I wouldn’t mind the hornets trading picks and players to move up to draft them. I’d include Kai, Thor, or Bouknight with picks to select them. Leonard Miller could end up being a good PJ replacement.

Thanks man, I didn’t see that

Regardless as to what we do with the #2 pick I hope we target shooting with our next pick. Even more so if we take Scoot though

About the hornets position in the draft…

-this isn’t super deep draft. Things start to fall off into the 2nd round.
-the hornets have a bunch of picks and not enough roster space to accommodate those picks.
-so do they use them to consolidate and trade up?
-or so they tackle the 2nd round from a “draft and stash” perspective to keep players in Europe/other leagues to protect roster space?

A lot depends on what they do with the late first round pick. While I’m sure Mitch’s preference is to trade it for an even later first and a second or two, he might not have that opportunity.

If there are players creeping into the 20s that we really like, then I’d be happy to use one or two seconds to move up. Kris Murray, as I’ve stated many times, is my target … plug and play, versatile, lengthy, 3&D forward who would be a lottery pick, but for his age. I could see him in our rotation from day 1.

Maybe we use Bouknight to swap with another, up to now, disappointing lottery pick who fits our needs better, or to move up in the 1st?

I think it’s all on the table.

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Mainly because I knew him as a kid but also because he carried Arkansas in the tournament, I would definitely use a 2nd on Ricky council. He got a Paul Pierce type offensive game.


Not sure if this has already been discussed, but…

Would you swap 2nd and 27th with Portland straight up for 3rd and 23rd, especially if the pick is Miller and Portland wants Scoot?

Only if you are literally having them tied on your draft board


And also move the franchise to Seattle next year.

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MJ has our 2nd round picks on the auction block for cash considerations.most likely.


I seriously question if Portland wants Scoot over Miller if they keep that pick. I think the givony reporting on millers interviews was a favor for his buddy Mike Schmitz to drop his value. The Portland vids of Scoots workout are to hype him for trade bait. I just don’t see them “preferring” to pair him with Dame and Simons over Miller.

I’m sure they’d be glad to have him but I don’t think he’s their preference. So I could see doing that trade but I think you’re more likely to end up with scoot at 3 unless Portland found a team they feel could provide better win now assets who was willing to trade for scoot. Or if they decided to move on from dame and take scoot.

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He does look to have a lot of prototypical tools. Decent size, very good athlete, seems to like the big moments, can defend a bit, can shoot a bit. Not sure what’s not to like for 2nd round value.

I think our only play now, is to pump up the value of Miller, declare he’s very much in consideration at 2 and get Portland to bite. Portland need Miller or Whitmore, IMHO, as they have shown nothing to suggest they won’t build around Dame.

And a player of our choice not named Dame

No way for only a few spot jump in latter part of round

Jumps in the top five are often worth another lottery pick


I wonder if they wouldn’t be interested in a PJ sign and trade and or a Hayward trade. They need to position themselves at this point for a run next year in terms of roster flexibility. It doesn’t look like anyone is wanting to help them out. And at this point I think they will keep dame.

Would give my left nut for shaedon sharpe. He’s going to be an all star one day.

I wish there was a reasonable way to make that happen also but I think he’s close to untouchable for them.

Yea, if we want to land a quality young player we’d have to trade further back than #3.

It is interesting that we don’t appear to be working anyone out, twins aside, who we might target with a trade down. Wether that’s because we have no intention of doing so, or we merely want to indicate precisely that to potential trade partners to raise the asking price … who knows. Probably the former.