22-23 Hornets General Discussion

Agree completely. Let’s run with what we have. We need to know as much as possible about how our younger guys operate under the bright lights. Kai needs minutes, Thor needs minutes, and Bouknight needs to be told this is his last chance. DSJ and Theo get the pure PG minutes, with Terry picking up some of the slack, but not too much. Finally, now that we’ve given Bryce a very well deserved and very team friendly contract, let’s feed him some more minutes too.

If you want to hear how much we’re loathed (guess it’s FO and ownership), the latest Lowe Post pod woth Givony was a stark reminder that we’re not a booked little franchise that thinks it can but some (with decent sized mics).

That’s impressive


I am sure it has absolutely nothing to do with a switchy 7 footer with a condor like wingspan

I mean but what does a realtor know about basketball

Is this clickbait or for real? Knowing absolutely nothing about any incoming rookie, I thought scoot was a solid 2nd pick and would be #1 in most years.

I will say the murder Suspect from Alabama seems to be a better fit for the roster on first glance

Bump eroni

For the hand jobbers on here

Right… ? Exactly

I usually don’t watch college basketball, but I am glad I did tonight. The level of players is oceans apart. Our 2nd round rookies (for example McGowans) would be a star in these teams.

On another note, we did well with Mark and Bryce this year, though last year was a miss (Bouk and Kai).


Yes it’s amazing how bad the basketball is. Very hard to watch.


Lmao I guess we want artful tanking now, good grief

Yeah for thise that think the NBA is a trash product, college will really change that perspective for you.

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It’s interesting this topic came up because I was just having this discussion the other day. Having grown up in the era of 4-year college players and watching guys like Sampson, Bias, Ewing, G. Hill, Duncan, etc. dominate in college with a relatively polished skill set, it is hard to watch the college game now with the same level of interest and excitement. Growing up, I loved college basketball more than almost anything. Aside from the talent that developed over a four year period, there was a connection you felt with players after following their careers from freshman to senior year. When Len Bias died, I felt like I’d lost someone I knew. But today, the combination of one and dones, NIL and the transfer portal has made college rosters a revolving cast of mercenaries that’s hard to connect to or even care deeply about. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad college athletes are able to find the best situations for themselves and are finally getting a portion of their well-deserved piece of the pie. That’s only fair. But it has come at the cost of negatively impacting the quality of the college game as well as fan interest.

I think it’s hurt the NBA product as well, but to a lesser degree. The one and done era produces a bunch of guys like Kai who have potential for days, but it’s a scouting nightmare because it’s virtually impossible to predict who truly has the talent to make that leap to the next level. And I do think the lack of development at the point of entry to the NBA makes it difficult for some guys to ever get there who otherwise might have had they been a bit more mature and physically sound when they came into the league.

I think the NCAA tourney will always have some appeal because everyone loves rooting for the underdog, and with the talent level of the top teams being a fraction of what it was a generation ago, underdogs have never had it better. But I agree that in general, college basketball is just about unwatchable for me now, and that’s sad.


For example, the “number 1 seed” Purdue had a 19% 3pt percentage. Atrocious. What’s worse was there were soooooo many open 3pt opportunities but players were scared to shoot. Even G-league matches are more entertaining.


Looks like he found the league that suits him


Maybe he’s decided to actually try? I do wish wish we’d put him in the game to close out the season. I just don’t want it see the pick totally wasted. Let’s see what we have.

Just from those highlights you can tell he is so much better than the other guys on the court. Maybe he decided that this could be his last chance and went to work.

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I’m ready to believe he can become the next Klay Thompson.

But it’s going to take loads of hard work and attention to detail. Who knows what’s been going on at practice or with his development, but it has been multiple coaches now who are not getting much out of him, which leads me to believe it’s more on him at this point to step up.

Dude definitely needs to become a deadly outside shooter, as exhibited in this clip. If he can do that on the regular, then he’s worth a spot. If he can’t, we’re better off with a Cody Martin type in the game. The frustrating thing this year was how little his shot fell when he did get opportunities.

I’m ready to believe though!! I am! Bring it, J-Bouk!

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He’s terrible. The g league is only slightly better than college basketball. He just isn’t any type of pro worth hanging onto

I’m not under any illusions about Bouk. I’m sure he’s been his own worst enemy. And I understand the rationale of guys needing to earn minutes. But we did invest a 1st round pick in the guy and he’s flashed potential on occasion. There are only 10 games left in a lost season in which most people are hoping for losses more than wins. It seems to me we have nothing to lose and everything to gain by playing him this last handful of games to see if there’s something there worth salvaging.


Hahaha. Damn harsh, but funny as hell.