Suns Come to Charlotte

Huge game! We always play them hard. Let’s guard the paint and the 3pt line lol

Fun fact (think I have this right but welcome correction), if we win tonight, we join only DEN and MEM as teams than have bested both GSW and PHX, and only team in the east to do so.

Suns obviously know our weak side d is among worst in league. Attacking it endlessly to start this game. Have we given up 10 open 3s in 9 minutes?

Lamelo is Borrego’s scapegoat

We need to trade one of our main guys. We can’t win with a healthy team anymore. I’d rather a main guy be out at this point.

Rough watch.

Borrego’s rotations confuse me, our awful perimeter D this far into the season is on him too, Plumlee’s a downgrade on Zeller at this point and finally, Gordon has become so passive, he’s not worth 50% of what he’s making at the minute.

Time for a shake up.

Seems like regardless of coach or personnel we have just never defended the 3 well. Just can’t understand what type of defensive strategy leaves good shooters wide open.

And agreed, Gordon has not been the same since the 41 point outburst.

He’s too passive with top guys available. It’s like our team doesn’t know what to do. We may have too much of the same thing.

I know it’s not fair to lay all at one player’s feet and I don’t think it’s all fixed with one move but I get so frustrated watching Mason assist hunting offensively and taking entire plays of defensively.

Not sure what’s more embarrassing, his free throws or making Jalen Smith look like an MVP candidate.

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On that note… Jalen Smith, hot night or is there something there? UFA at season’s end

I’m thinking the same thing Woodsy. Just mentioned that on th big man thread. I definitely think it’s worth kicking the tires on Smith.

We really played Lamelo an entire 3rd quarter down 30. Lol. 11 mins in first half

Smith can bounce, he is also a decent 3pt shooter.

Unrestricted at the end of the season if I remember correctly. But you can’t judge a center by what he does against us.



Agreed. But he’s averaging 15 and 10 his last 4 games, including tonight. And just looks like he belongs based on the eye test.

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I’m chalking this up to Covid. :man_shrugging:


Dear JB,

Please do not start the group of Mason, Miles, Gordon, Terry and LaMelo going forward. We’re measuring a spike in positive energy loss whenever they’re together on the court. It’s being addressed by our investigators as “inexplicable” for now, pending further study. In the meantime, we strongly recommend altering their negative resonance by imparting one or two other players. Shake and stir accordingly.


Concerned Fans