Hornets vs the Mavs - 12.30.20

Gametime : 8:30 EST

Devonte’ not getting, not even trying for that rebound pisses me off

We look awful and it’s only been 4 minutes

Definitely not a good start

PJ turning it around

Devonte’ did not suit up for this so far.

I absolutely love how aggressive Miles is playing this year.


Any chance Cody Martin can pass the ball, maybe to the PG that’s just been subbed in.

Devonte has really struggled this year so far

Love that hustle by Ball

Saying it again for the fans upstairs
Love that hustle by Ball

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Miles is just having himself a year

Ball and Miles !! 20 chars


Lamelo and Miles are so fun to watch.

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That LaMelo and Miles tag team was amazing.

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LaMelo looking good out there. I like how he is making stuff happen.

I’m not feeling Terry as much tonight.

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Not getting much offense from Terry, Gordon, or Devonte’ and still leading is a nice to have

LaMiles is what I’m thinking this tandem of high fliers.

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Yeah, I was just thinking a bit ago about how teams “figured out” Devonte last year, which meant we struggled. But this year there is no one guy to figure. We’ve got a handful of guys this year that could go for 30 if they get it going. Feel good about the situation even if we look wobbly out there.

Fun to watch. That’s all I care about.

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Just keep driving on Doncic!

This, 100% this. Need to kill that 20 char action