1.13.21 Hornets v Mavs

Let the good times roll

Multi screen night. Hoops Hogs take on LSU. A chance to watch likely one and dones Moses Moody and Cam Thomas

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I knew better than to be the one to start the Game Thread

I’m pretty sure it’s not you!

Doncic already had revenge on his mind. Add in Porzingas it’s gonna be a challenge.

We’re still in it but we have to start hitting some shots

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Terry playing very well!

Gotta give Borrego props for getting the guys’ heads back right

Melo, box out boy oh my goodness.

Put malik in the game oh my god dude. I’m so tired of the Martins (aka euro league all star duo). What the fuck is the deal, we’re down 20 in the fourth. We get it JB, you’re trying to make a point or flex on Malik. Whatever dude

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What the fuck has Malik done to get into the dog house like this? My god

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I don’t think Malik is any part of this team going forward outside of injury to Terry and both Martins.

As good as Monk played before he got suspended and he can’t get in the game. That’s so crazy to me. Monk is better than both Martin twins combined. Then he puts him in the last minute of the 4th and expects him to do something. He’s not no leash to make a mistake, unlike everyone else on the team. Just trade him.

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Ugly shooting doomed us tonight.

Hopefully Hayward is good to go tomorrow.

The Mavs made great defensive adjustments from the first game aswell.

Just asking the obvious, but are we actually certain that Monk today has the same juice he had last year on that great stint he went on? I imagine the coaching staff wants to win so I’m not so confident in Monk’s present day game value here if they aren’t playing him.


If that’s true, it’s a bullshit self perpetuating mindset that the coaching staff has then. If a guy doesn’t play how is he supposed to get a rhythm going? I’m sure monk will look bad in whatever limited minutes they give.

Any time I see either Martin on the floor I want to turn the game off.

Another really tough game from melo. Interested to see how he adjusts.

Game time is important, but they can also access health and productivity through practice and training sessions. Part of this is its just unfortunate that Monk missed so much of last season and then a chunk of the beginning of the season,

I want to see the guy play too, but I trust Borrego. I can see his vision coming together.