Hornets vs the Mavs - 12.30.20

Luka is in a mood so definitely keep driving on him

Loving seeing Miles starting to be a Shawn Marion type player for us. He is cold blood with that three ball the last few games.


It doesn’t seem like GH put up 11 shots.

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Gordon looks like his legs are shot to night. Tay looks like he;s lost. Coach might need play Miles and Mello more We might need to give those two more rest the 2nd half

We’re up 22 on the Mavs.

I’m just posting for the memory.

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I just got home from work and I am scared to put on the game to jinx it


That’s what I’m talking about let’s go boys.

Make that 30 points haha

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clearly cody zeller was the force stopping this team from winning all 72


Really bothered by the odd body language of Devonte’ tonight. He’s been proximate to several plays that he’s made next to no effort for.

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We need buckets to run the numbers from last year and figure out what lineups helped devonte score. He doesn’t look like he comfortable out there with the “everybody is the same size and skill set lineups”. Not sure what is going on with his game but he definitely looks like he is a little lost. And that is not a good feeling on the court.

LaMelo possible triple double watch

James Johnson was seeing double out there


Be careful with Davie County boys… lol

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He looked pretty mobile out there, which was promising.

That had to piss the Mavs off so bad.

We may not be good, but I think we’re going to piss off a lot of teams.

All I can say is… that was fun! And good f’ng bye 2020!

Impressive win man.


I knew we played well coming out of the locker room but damn.

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