Who plays against Dallas thread

I think we are getting at least a couple back

We shall see…

Plum will play but looks like Gordo is not cleared. Oubre is a game time decision.

Pumped, don’t forget ESPN picked up the game so it is 6:30 start instead of 7!

Glad Plumlee will play. Looking forward to see what he adds as the season goes on.

Our rebounding will be much improved. So tired of PJ not being able to get a defensive board over any center, and I know its not all on PJ but it feels like at this point that he is a square peg of a PF that we are trying to force into a round hole of a center

Hope we see some good signs in this game that makes us feel good heading into the regular season.

Know he’s missed a million shots but I’ve liked the looks LaMelo has been getting for himself

Maybe the secret to unlocking Cody Martin was making him the only Cody, and only Martin on the roster.

I seriously do not get why we favor Nick off the bench as a 5.

Same I cringe everytime he’s out there. Would rather see anyone else at the 5.

I’d be up for playing the actual number 5 in his place. It might give more effort.:wink: Hope that’s the kind of dis that lights him up and he proves me oh wrong


When he had that putback dunk he might’ve listened then the very next possession he dropped a pass.

Maybe he is just Biz reincarnated

Rough half. Fingers crossed Miles is alright.

I saw this kind of butt whoopin coming. If there is anything good to take from the first half I don’t know what it would be.

70-30. Rough business.

Screw Dallas

Screw them trying to puff their chest with 5 of our top 7 out…

That’s BS

We will avenge

Missing key players or not there is no excuse for this team to be playing this poorly. Hopefully the team as a whole plays much better to start the regular season.

5 of 7 man, it’s like taking a knife to a gun fight.

If you have to make yourself feel good buy beating on a team without any of their proverbial starters, then your a pussy

Our team has been embarrassed the last two times on national TV, let’s see what happens next Wednesday, I expect that we unload on them

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Our guys could not hit the broad side of a barn tonight let alone score baskets. Meanwhile the Mavs shot way better. If our guys shoot better than this game is not the joke it has become. I know the Mavs are the better team but they are not 50+ points better even with our top players missing. This was just a bad game. I know we are better than this.

Are we going to lose by 70?

Is this the kind of team we are going to be this season? As opposed to making the playoffs will we be the laughing stock of the NBA.

Woah I went out to get dinner after the first quarter what happened