Buzz v Mavs - a thread

Might as well win this one. Terry is back.

Seems simple enough

I can’t say I’m that excited for Plumley to come back.

Seems that way…. But… we are the Hornets. lol

Good grief

Electric on offense out the gate!

Very thankful we have Oubre this season.

Doesn’t matter what team he plays for, Trey Burke always kills us

Why does it seem we don’t play as hard when we get guys back?

A truly horrific effort

Well catch you guys next game lol. Horrendous effort.

Dumb half really dumb

Bill Simmons: “Is Rozier a candidate for the Ewing theory?”

I don’t know about that, but I do think it’s interesting that without a ball dominant player, our guys played pretty well the last few games.

I think there’s a lot to be said for getting everyone involved and engaged to keep the energy flowing. Not saying any of our guys adversely affect that, but do think about it, especially when one of our stars starts throwing up heat check 3s.


Yeah, I was more joking, this is a frustrating loss though. The Mavs seem to be another team that just have the Hornets number for whatever reason.

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Maybe Luka is the candidate … :wink:


It’s a quandary. Our best team may have accidentally showed up while these guys were away. I’m not blaming Terry at all, but I worried his return would spur a decline in energy. Maybe it was inevitable anyway. Martin, Bridges and PJ had pretty off nights and I don’t think Terry really had anything to do with it.

But Oubre didn’t start and he’s been arguably our best and most passionate player of late. Richards did start; wasn’t good and got pulled real quick.

Dallas has just inexplicably been lights out against us. It’s pretty weird. Did we insult Trey Burke’s family or something?

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And I think we might’ve gotten a taste of our own medicine in that we ran up against a team without their star. Their role guys seemed to be playing an inspired brand of ball just as ours have for the past week.

Also for our part, as much as you try not to, I think mentally you just tend to relax a bit when you know a team is short-handed. I don’t remember who on here said it, but I agree that I’d much rather play teams at full strength.


Our team just seems to play better without Terry, for whatever reason. I love the guy, but maybe he’s the guy who needs to go for a big? Not saying I want him gone… just throwing it out there.

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Dallas has always been a problem.

With that exception of last year when we blew them out by 30 on the road. Anyone remember that? I want to say it was earlier in the season last year. I could mistaken

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