The clinch game. Mavs

Moving game talk to here.

Dallas’s Powell looks like he’s about to cry.

This is the most purposeful basketball we’ve played all year. Suspect Dallas catches their breath after that gut punch, but they were doing it in both ends in the first.

Welp… I am just out of words

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Need some Kai and Bouk in this 4th.

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I just looked at the box score. Why 1 minute for Bouknight? Did he punch Clifford?


Not sure, but looked like he was out of position on first play and then bobbled the pass for a TO shortly after.

Young kids showing some resiliency that’s impressive

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That McGowens’ 3!

I worry about these refs.

These officials my God

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I feel great for DSJ man that’s awesome



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I know folks don’t want the win but that’s entertaining as hell. Someone please explain the Bouk single minute presence however, that was not a good look.


Yeah, can’t be mad down half your squad and taking down a playoff team. Great game.

That Bouk minute was weird.

First up, Happy Cake Day Mr. Eastley!

Seems that Bouk is not gonna make it with us. He should consider going to Europe or a different NBA team (doubtful).

He just isn’t any good?

Can anyone explain why the doncic foul was overturned. I was thinking they might change it to a flagrant. Looked like something from John Wick 4 I saw tonight.


Favor from the league after they filed that BS protest

Yep, no one can complain about this win with no Lamelo, no Terry and no Kelly. Great to see guys step up. I can work with this version of Thor. Big shot for Bryce. Hopefully that can get him going again. He’s been in a funk ever since he got the new contract. And Svi is kinda starting to grow on me. PJ, DSJ and Gordon all earned their money tonight. Both bigs were solid as well. Nice to see Mark back.

But Luka is fast becoming one of the most annoying players in the league. The whining after every call and refs pandering to his antics is maddening. That overturned foul was the worst call I’ve seen in several years. Possibly even the worst ever, given the standard that’s required to overturn a call that was made on the floor. It’s just inexcusable that stuff like that is allowed to happen. Someone should be suspended for that.


That was a hugely impressive result.

For our younger players to have shouldered so much of that effort is really encouraging. Play your youngsters real minutes, in real situations and develop them, develop a team, develop a culture. This is so much better than watching Terry & Kelly taking 2/3rds of the shots.

Really happy for DSJ and encouraged to see Thor get some baskets! I like those two and would love to see their offensive games, especially outside shooting, develop to something approaching league average.