The Clinch, pt 2

Mavs in town thirsty for revenge.

Not going to lie: would love to give them another gut punch. But if lose, at least we assure ourselves of top 4 lottery odds.

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Off to a strong start!

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If Williams can reliably make that little step and baby hook off the glass….


What is up with our team? Hopefully we can finish the year up strong. I really want to bring Dennis Smith back. I’d honestly like him to be play more minutes, even with a healthy Ball.


He’s an excellent backup point guard. It may help to limit Ball’s minutes given these ankle injuries. If we can keep him at 32 per game it’s probably better in the long run.


The 16 year old LaMelo fans would lose theirs minds though

Who would’ve thought I’d be this excited for a late game in a losing season.

Fun? We’re allowed to have fun?

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Bouk sighting! :eye:

It’s a young guys wet dream on the floor right now. Lol, but I like how Cliff keeps a veteran or two out there to support.

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That was a nice reminder that Bouknight has talent


Bouk being productive!

Eric Collins on that pass to Williams and dunk! :joy:

That steal on that break away probably did more for Clifford than anything else.


Another bullshit challenge win for Dallas. Mark got fouled 3 times before a whistle. Sheesh

Got close on the second, but we got a lot of burn from the young guys. Was fun to watch.

Who is this Thor? This is who he looked like for a minute last year. Welcome back

Luka might have 16 techs but if he got a fair whistle, he’d have 32. I’ve seen colicky babies that cried less. Geez almighty


That’s a good job withstanding the Mavs charge there. Clifford is doing work at the end of the season.

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This is fun to watch, even through the sloppy parts. Young guys showing off!

When healthy, Hayward can still play. Love his game.

This is playoff focus and intensity, great stuff