Last Game! Let's win. Or not

Something something something.

Professional basketball game!

Svi is feeling himself for sure. Some nice plays but also some forced stuff.

Mark making that elbow jumper was nice!

Currently 0-14 from 3.

Sometimes, it’s working. And sometimes…

That we’re in this and 0-21 from 3 is pretty incredible.

McGowens gaining confidence as well as Mark establishing double doubles as a standard has been nice to see


Who do we let go
DSJ or Meladone Keeping one
McGowens , Bouknight, Svi , Thor Keepingg two
Bridges or PJ keeping one
Your thoughts on thease guys

The Hornets definitely have something in McGowens. He already has the ability to get to the free throw line and finish through contact. Looking forward to seeing his progression along with Thor.


And Mark Williams finishes the season as my new favorite Hornet


Way to go out winners guys. They deserve a fun plane ride home to enjoy the end to a tough year


Watching the end of the postgame show, Eric Collins got emotional. I didn’t think about it but with the Bally Sports mess he may not be back next year. I hope he does come back though, he’s been awesome obviously.


Great to see Nick almost get a double-double too. C position looks solid for the first time I can remember.

Very excited about McGowens. Clear player. What a find.

Glad the guys who have been waiting their turn had the opportunity to show some things at the end of the year. Lot of positivity.


If he can develop that 13-18 footer… he’s an All Star


I’m very confident he’ll get that shot down, and soon. He has the touch.

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I guess I put it in the general thread but saw the same thing, and if you go back and listen to him pregame, he was talking in the same way. On the edge between foreboding and emotional. I strongly feel one of them isn’t back next season.

Might even be 2 of ‘em. Dell is a Hornet through and through, he’s not gonna move out of town unless he gets a hot young fiancé like MJ and goes wherever she goes.

Because of the Bally bankruptcy, EC is too good to not have other offers out there. He could easily get a national media gig for college or pros. If there is nothing to sign regarding the Hornets broadcast because there is no network entity, then you have to do good business for yourself and get a guaranteed contract.

Ashley also has other gigs, I think she does Braves stuff sometimes, something with CMT, and maybe racing as well. She always seems such an uplifting personality who’s really good with interviews and the postgame/pregame show, I feel she’s on the verge of moving on to a bigger market as well due to the lack of guarantee with regional networks.

And the co anchor spot with Ashley seems like a revolving door every year. From Hendo, to Wes Bryant, to George Lynch this year. Forgot who was before Hendo. But George was okay, a little shaky to me. Nice guy for sure, but don’t know if he has the onscreen presence to get another year.

EC needs to go to a bigger stage as soon as he can. I think another year like this for him would be a career limiter. He’s great when his excitement matches what he’s covering but in a year like this, he’s having to manufacture excitement and it - over a longer period of years - will become more frustrating than entertaining.

The Ashley co-host role is literally a revolving door and it makes me uneasy. I think George has been the weakest of all the personalities in that seat but I cannot imagine (not sure if that’s a Hornets or Bally seat) it’s a valued position financially (for the talent). So that revolving door may be due to the talent walking more than the organization pushing them out.

Dell has a role with the Hornets if he’s in that seat or not and if the horizon looks bleak to Dell, he may opt out of going through this a second time calling games and trying to find silver linings.

Then again, maybe it was just a craptastic season and EC was emoting from that. E.g. nothing to see there whatsoever and they all return w/ a summer off.

I still think mark has good shooting mechanics. Would like to see him shoot from outside. Even if he can be a 30-33% 3pt shooter, it spreads the floor, adds options, improves spacing.

I’ve always liked George, even going back to his college days. He was one of the few Tarheels from his era that I could tolerate. But I have to say, he’s been pretty bad in this role. Just seems uncomfortable and very choppy in his delivery. And despite being a fellow Deac, I honestly wasn’t a huge fan of Wes either. He was better than George, but I felt he overdid it a bit.

Hendo has been the best by far in that seat. Great insight. Great demeanor. Very personable, has history with the organization, had great chemistry with Ashley and seemed like he was a natural in front of the camera. He also seems to have a strong connection to the team since he sits courtside for most of the games. Not sure why he didn’t stay around but I’d love to see him back in some capacity.