A Caitlin Clark and Women’s Basketball Rant

Lengthy post on women’s basketball/Caitlin Clark, to no one in general and mostly a lot of words into the aether of the internet’s eternal nothingness. Also obviously, because my man thoughts are so fucking important and worth all this blabbering pontification. Anyways.

First off, I think it’s a great thing that Caitlin Clark has really energized more people to finally follow women’s basketball. That’s always great; however, the caveat is that I’ve noticed a weird energy attached to support of her lately. I don’t want to go as far as call it “pseudo-political”, but it’s weird. And seems to have energy from a political influence. And that part is taking away from the sport. And it’s the last I’ll mention if it so that we can actually focus on the important topic: women’s basketball.

Also, I’ve noticed the social media/online “women’s basketball experts” have started coming out of the woodwork, and now have a very stern opinion on aspects of women’s basketball.

Most recently, the omission of Caitlin Clark from the United States Women’s Basketball Olympic team’s roster-and the strong, often odd opinions/uproar about it. So here’s an actual, real discussion of women’s basketball instead of rage/weird pseudo-political commentary: (If you do feel strongly about Clark’s omission from the Team USA roster, I’d suggest you read my post so that we can converse based on factual information)

The Olympic selection process is a lengthy three year process, and requires multiple training camps and workouts. 8/12 women on the Olympic roster have Olympic experience. The other four were on the 2022 World Cup roster-and at the recent training camps. Everyone on the roster has some Team USA experience.

Caitlin Clark was in the middle of an important national title run and could not attend Team USA training camps. Yes, CAMPS. The team has built up an incredible amount of continuity-11/12 have made an all WNBA team. The sole woman who hasn’t made an all WNBA Team won the Finals MVP.

So who’s spot is Caitlin Clark supposed to take? If she hasn’t attended any of the many Olympic training camps, who’s spot is she supposed to take? Clark will eventually become an all time great and is practically cemented into the 2028 Olympic roster. But if you look at the women’s college basketball all time greats, she isn’t in the top 5. Close, but not quite.

UConn’s Breanna Stewart was the last college women’s basketball player to make the team USA roster. And she was arguably the best college basketball player of all time.

I highly doubt anyone has read to this point, but I’m so over the women’s basketball “experts” who have suddenly come out of nowhere and are enraged about stuff related to Caitlin Clark. And the fake outrage about her omission to the Olympic roster takes the cake. If you’re that upset: you don’t know anything about women’s basketball. Also, I’d encourage you to consider the source of your outrage. That’s the weird pseudo-political thing that seems to continue to pop up.


There’s definitely super weirdness connected to women’s basketball, and I can’t tell how much of it is real and how much of it is click-bate type posts trying to stir the pot and continue to make people mad. It wouldn’t surprise me at all to learn a good portion of these posts are by Russian bot farms. For real.

I’m also excited about what Clark and the rest of the great rookies are brining to the WNBA in terms of identity and story lines. I just hate that there seems to be such a perverse attempt to make it look like there’s some good vs evil conflict and people have to pick sides.

But, yes, I’m right there with you that social media at least seems like an absolute abomination in covering women’s basketball right now.

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I know right! It’s like hey media, can we talk about how freaking great this USA Olympic team is instead of just Caitlin Clark??