Best point and Two

Each of the three points and the twos we have . All have different ability’s I put Kemba on hear to help see who is stronger in different areas
Scarry Terry

The twos . Areas each is better at strength’s and Weakness.
Cody Martin

I don’t believe we know entirely who is better yet between Devonte and Terry. I feel that it leans toward Devonte even with him hurtling back to earth as he did in winter. Terry as a spot up shooter however playing off Tae was pretty impressive once they figured it out. We began calling him “Spot Shot Terry” because he was nearly automatic coming off a screen with Tae hitting him in the pocket for the 3-ball.

Monk really got cooking and I was excited for that. Provided he’s past whatever issues he incurred the suspension over and it has no ill effects on or off the court, he is a damned keeper. Cody (and Caleb for that matter) is a keeper but I don’t want to put in too much stock into his trajectory at this point.

Like you it’s to early to tell. But from a small sample size
Terry is the better defender over both Graham and Kemba and can play both guard positions
Graham I feel is the better shooter. Over Terry even though Terry has a better three point percentage .Both shot the three ball better than Kemba this year.
Passing the edge goes to Graham at 7.5 a game .With Terry at 4.5 and Kemba at 5
All three averaging around 18 ppg. It’s interesting comparing these three
Your thought with the sample size

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Sorry but don’t agree at all that Terry is the best defender of the three. Terry had the capacity to eclipse them but doesn’t.

This is what it is about Other opinion’s. Any reasons you feel Graham is the better defender?

I don’t think Devonte is particularly good but he doesn’t completely forget he’s got an assignment or part of the court to play. Terry does some inexplicable stuff at times.

If you could put devontes decision making and “basketball world view” into terry’s brain matrix upload style, we’d be on to something

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Not really an answer to your topic but a real two-way 2 Guard is what the Hornets have been missing the last couple of seasons.
In my opinion we had way too many minutes with Graham and Rozier sharing the court together.
That even mixed up And forced our PG rotation although we have 2 capable ones on the team.

use some of the salary cap and trade for LaVine or Heild

About Graham’s up and down play, I thought Graham played well towards the end as his shooting percentage and scoring were up the last 7 or 8 games. And those were against pretty good teams.

I think Terry is the better on-ball defender between all three, Kemba the better scorer and overall player while Graham is the best playmaker. Terry’s slightly ahead of Graham for me overall and maybe a better scorer too. Graham is the best 3-pt shooter.