How High is the Ceiling of Devonte Graham?

How much better do you guys think Devonte can be?

There’s a roof joke in there somewhere.

He’s shown a lot of skill this year. It will be entirely different when he’s been scouted if we don’t have bigger and more worrisome threats on our roster. I think his arc is ultimately defined by the cast around him.

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He had started to work on his mid-range game in those last 5 games and that’s the next step for him. More guys are going to run him off the 3 and help will be focused on him at the rim. If he can get that down - and I think he can, he’s going to become a fringe all star. IF he can get some other guys around him as Adam said because if we don’t win, he won’t get the recognition.

I grew up a Sixers fan in the late 70’s thru the 80’s. Graham reminds me of Mo Cheeks a bit. Cheeks was better defensively, but I think Graham is a better offensive player. So, I agree with above posts. With a good cast around him, i can think he can be a multiple time All-Star.