Devonte' Graham farewell and S&T details

On the farewell, I loved this guy and am going to root damned hard for him to absolutely crush it with NOP. I have never felt this kind of love for a SRP in our Bobcat/Hornet incarnation (and I was a big UPS fan). He seems like a great guy and he punched way above his draft weight IMO. I also am thinking it’s hard to not credit our development approach (and "The Dude" major credit for taking him at #34) that he turned into several game winners, a potential FRP, and a SRP too (if I am reading things right).

On the S&T itself, the protections are what I think most were waiting on.
Per Rod Boone’s article on the details of the deal:

In regards to the lottery-protected pick the Hornets received from New Orleans, per sources, if the Pelicans are among the 14 teams participating in next year’s draft lottery then the Hornets will get their 2022 second-round pick instead – which could be a valuable selection near the top of the round. In addition, Charlotte also would receive a 2024 second-round selection from New Orleans.

Did ask Rod for clarity if that '24 SRP is conveyed in only the '22 SRP condition or in either case.


Looks like it’s a 1st in 2022 or (a 2022 2nd + 2024 2nd)

This is very solid value IMO.


You know Devonte did some bush league BS by posting that workout room video to expose Gelo. I am glad that he’s gone plus he was not worth the money.

DKM fan over here lol

How many private team workout videos have you EVER seen posted on social media? Zero! Better off w/out that negativity in the locker room.

I see workouts posted all the time


Agree. I see them frequently.

Agreed. Seems like there’s no want to make a contributory post, just tease out a reaction.