Hornets vs. Nuggets

We need a win bad but I don’t think it’s happening

First game in a while that PJ has been a second off

Good effort but to no avail. Hopefully them Clips rest their stars on Thursday.

Ball looked really off, not sure what his numbers looked like but he seemed a bit out of phase. Devonte’ was a monster in the last 16 minutes or so. We need that going forward. Proud of JB standing up, the officiating was horrendous IMO

You have to feel like the win was easily within reach if PJ and Ball had been able knock down some shots. If there’s such thing as a good loss, this seems to be one-considering the off night from multiple players.

These guys compete hard. Devonte had an excellent return game offensively.

Nuggets were on top of their scouting report. Did you notice the Nuggets taking away Lamelos angles? They would abandon their defender temporarily to get into passing lanes.

Yeah, imagine if Porter didn’t have 20 pts in the first or whatever it was. We even got to see an off game from the Joker, which I haven’t seen to this point this season (I haven’t watched all of his games, but his off nights are very very rare).

Nice game by Devonte. I think last night showed the value a true PG2 and DG brings. I’ve read signing DG/PG2 is not really important because TR can play point. The guy has got to get some rest sometime. Hopefully, the offers Graham gets are not so high that the Hornets can’t match.


Agreed. Collins’ quote during the telecast of JB’s comment about how things just flow better when Devonte is on the floor was spot on. He’s a high BBIQ pg who rarely turns the ball over, makes big shots, plays under control and can still have a positive impact on games with his playmaking even when having an off shooting night. We really missed him while he was out. I know we can’t break the bank to re-sign him, but Devonte is a huge part of what makes this team go. I am concerned about what seems to be a recurring knee issue though.

And I agree that while Terry can facilitate, I like him better as a secondary playmaker.