“[blank] was a Hornet/Bobcat”

Tony Parker was a hornet.


Dominic McGuire was a Bobcat

Jeffrey Taylor was a Bobcat/Hornet.
Horcat? Your Cats a Hor, your mother too Trebek.

Raja Bell was a Bobcat

Juwan Howard was a Bobcat

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Robert Parish was a Hornet

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Alexis Ajenca was a Bobcat

Kobe Bryant was a Hornet! :frowning:

For a split second thought this was an odd troll, but then….

DJ White was a Bobcat

UVA Coach Tony Bennett was a Hornet

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Walter Hermann was a Bobcat

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UVA standout Cory Alexander was a Bobcat.

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5’5 Early Boykins was a Bobcat.

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander was a Hornet. :man_facepalming:t5:


I’m gonna add James Bouknight and gamble that my statement will be true prior to August 2024.

Master P was a Hornet (for a couple of weeks).

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Tom Chambers was a Charlotte Hornet

Rufus Lynx was the Bobcat

Kenny Anderson was a Hornet