Random ex-Hornets facts

This seems hard to fathom but reading Hollinger’s free agent article at the Athletic, Cody Zeller, Bismack Biyombo, and Frank Kaminsky are all the same age of 30. Those draft classes were 5 years apart no? That’s crazy.

Very interesting indeed. But those have to be three of the oldest looking 30 year-olds I’ve ever seen. Biz looked 30 when we drafted him. And Zeller looks like the 45 year-old dad at the Y.

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Let’s not forget the fact that Frank spent 12 years at a 4 year school because he’s a block head.

All this talk about “dog” and fine ham biscuit thread got me feeling nostalgic for our original “dog” in the new era.

I don’t remember which game but I seem to remember us being up 2 or so and the final play he got 3 consecutive blocks to win the game.

Or maybe I’ve blown it up to that!

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Man, I loved watching Gerald Wallace play.

It’s a tough call between him and Kemba as my favorite player

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Same, but I think I just really loved that Wallace came here as a castoff and then quietly played amazing basketball. Wish he could have finished his career here. Hate how that went down.

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Agreed. I always thought SJax “pulled his hamstring” as a way of making himself untradeable… and therefore making Gerald tradeable. That ended up being the Vonleh pick, no?

What I absolutely loved about GW was how the All Star weekend went down. He only knew how to go full on in-game. The All Star game, the dunk stuff, that wasn’t remotely important to him. It was oddly refreshing.

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This is an interesting walk down memory lane with some forgotten cameos:

Wallace trade became Tobias Harris and Shabazz Napier, both traded away on draft day.

Tobias Harris was traded with Stephen Jackson and players to Milwaukee for the Biyombo pick and Cory Maggette.

Baz was basically traded for Hairston.

Vonleh was traded TO Portland along with our other Gerald for Batum.

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Ah, understood, correct draft, wrong draft pick. I didn’t remember that the Vonleh pick was a DET trade (was that the Bad Porn to DET for Ben Gordon trade?)


Sometimes I forget we had a lot of these guys on the roster.

Like we had Shaun Livingston at one point. He was supposed to be the next evolution in point guard when he came out.

I loved Liv here so much

Remember that was who Bernie was targeting with our pick until we got gifted the 2nd overall for Emeka.

Ya I can’t choose between Crash and Kemba either. Both times we traded them I stayed butthurt for months.

I :heart::heart: Crash

Foxhole guy


Anybody know the reason why Crash isn’t celebrated by the team? I know there was definite bad blood when he was traded at the literal last second (I thought we were safe that year until they announced it like one minute after the deadline closed).

Since I view Kemba more as a Hornet since his best years were wearing purple and teal, I see Crash as Mr. Bobcat. What happened to honoring all our past legends during certain games. I remember Zo and Dell, and I assume Muggsy, but don’t really recall that. But Crash definitely deserves a night, and as the best representative of that era, should have some corner of the arena honoring him.

Pretty sure Wallace felt betrayed and doesn’t want to have anything to do with the team anymore.

The conversation over current money is a bit crazy in this context, because you’d definitely keep him around for $10m/year.


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This trade came a week after my 11 year old self saved up for months and finally bought a Gerald Wallace Jersey

I’ve had a handful of situations like that. Never been a jersey guy, but years ago almost bought a Marian Hossa shirt when he was a Thrasher. Then he got traded. Then the team left. Was done with named gear at that point.

This quote from another thread sent me down the rabbit hole of finding out whatever happened with MKG.

He never played again after he was bought out by us and ended up on Dallas. Not even overseas or in any minor league.

Here’s a really interesting older article, it seems he still lives in Charlotte with his wife, and started a foundation to help people with stutters get expensive speech therapy to actually be covered by insurance companies. Has a lot of insight of what he went through, the mental aspect of his life and career. I did like this quote at the end:

How would he describe Michael Kidd-Gilchrist as an NBA player? Is there a way to sum up what his place in the league was?

“From my career, as a whole?”


“Damn, that’s a tough one.”

He paused for a bit, not blocked in his speech, just thinking through how it all added up. Maybe that was an unfair question, maybe the question should be …

Kidd-Gilchrist interrupted that thought.

“If you never quit,” he said, “you never fail.”

Someone did make a case for him to be signed last December as a switchable, role playing defender, but his offensive limitations may be too much for a team to invest in:

Here’s his foundation site. Not surprising he’s continued to be a great guy off the court as he always was here:

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