Hornets Summer League

Kinda weird, just last night i was trying to think if we retained any of the “Only Lin” fans that professed their “I’ve always been a Hornets fan too” fandom at the time. The Asheville guy stuck around a bit but I can’t think of any others.


Yeah like I was saying in chat I can’t remember us being in this type of situation but the “Lin Era” came to mind.

Even with Morrison I don’t remember as many sour grapes.

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I think the biggest difference with the Miller situation is so many people wanted a specific, different pick at number 2. If we had the 3rd pick and Miller was who we got (Wemby and Scoot off the board), I don’t think there would be anywhere close to the level of scrutiny. That’s unfair to Miller, but just the way it goes sometimes, unfortunately. I think he’s going to play better tonight, though. I can just feel it!


This can’t be overstated enough

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Very true. At 3, assuming we couldn’t have traded out of the pick for a good package, I’d have gone for Miller ahead of the other prospects.

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I have such high respect for this board I’m sure this will pass quickly and everyone will be on board. As Hornets fans that’s what we do…else everyone would have left long ago!

At least he doesn’t shoot from the side of hi head like a former high pick of ours lol!


It absolutely is and strangely I don’t think we’ve ever been in quite this situation.

It’s all good. Can’t wait for this season to start tho.

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And that guy might have been far more electric in SL. But if, in the final or even sooner analysis, he’s not a substantially better NBA player, I am not sure what our want matters. And the reality is that it’s largely equal parts nature and nurture so even if that #2 ends up being all world, there’s no guarantee he’d be so here. And vice versa if Miller ends up setting the world afire, that might only be able to happen here w/ a guy like LaMelo creating all sorts of gravity in his early years. We don’t know, we won’t know. I am good with that.

On to Vegas tonight right. SL G1 LV Channel is open:

#Las Vegas Summer League Game 1 - Chat - Hornets Planet


Miller has to have 15 attempts tonight or its gonna be, Wemby with 20 and 12 wow but "It's Miller Time!" sturggles again

I think this may have been the biggest thing in the front office’s analysis. It’s not just pure fit over talent. It’s hard to quantify or analyze, but the synergistic effects of certain players with each other have proven more important time and time again in sports than pure talent.

We saw how Miles unlocked a portion of Melo’s game. He’s an amazing, pinpoint passer at the rim, but the threat of the lob wasn’t there this past year. There were no between the leg no look passes. Defenders weren’t caught in the middle on Melo drives on whether he was gonna shoot or lob over their heads. Makes it easier for Melo.

For Miller, having a sharpshooter next to you opens up your driving lanes more than a ball handling wizard. And Miller’s propensity for not only being a willing passer, but a decisive and precise passer will increase the ball movement, which will help Melo tremendously not only on open looks, but off ball movements, going off screens, resetting positioning, etc.

Even in the world where Scoot’s a better talent, I could see both Melo and Scoot getting frustrated with more ballwatching as the other tries to go one on one. Scoots a good passer, but his first read will undoubtedly be to beat his man and get to the rim, whereas we see Miller always making the read to find whoever will get the best scoring chance.

Thats my hope at least. Since I can’t pray on Scoots downfall, cause I’m not that sort of guy, I’ll just stick my head in the sand regarding any of his outbursts.


Hopefully this renders correctly! I like Amari. Seems to me he’s on his way to winning a two-way:

Source: Ranking: The best players of the 2023 California Classic Summer League | HoopsHype

If you’re into this sort of thing, Spurs are only six point favorites in Vegas tonight. I can’t make sense of it either

What is Marlon Garnett cooking?

Not much good if you listen to Locked On Hornets today. Sounds like we have a veritable shit show going on in SL. Maybe we’re trying out Marlon as much as Bouk and Kai for sticking around until season’s start.


I really want a good showing tonight. I don’t want to be clowned when everyone is watching. Please get Miller the ball coach.

How about set screens for him to get catch and shoots.

Oh wait that requires an offensive scheme more rigorous than dribble handoffs

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I’m hoping nick jr will realize we have no backup pg and start acting like one.

One can hope anyway.

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Just listened to LOH. Doesn’t sound good. Looks like the coaching is dysfunctional and the players know it. Preparation, as observed, is terrible.

Two games they’ve started 4 wings each just running around and a center who doesn’t rebound.

It’s looking like this summer league exercise is a complete waste of time if not negative value for the rookies. The vets (basically Bryce, since Bouk and Kai are completely clueless), are just killing time. Watch McGowens body language. He’s smart and knows the setup is a fail.

This thing is nuts. If you haven’t checked it out - google Sphere Las Vegas. It’s incredible. I want one in my home town!

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Scoot looking like a can’t miss prospect early