Random ex-Hornets facts

Great stuff QC thanks for digging that up. I had no idea.

Now I feel bad about the crack tho!

Oh yeah, it’s all good, he started with the terrible hitch, to having his elbow inverted to the left side of his head to… something.

But this paragraph on Wikipedia sheds some light on why a lot of us were longer holdouts that he could eventually come around.

On November 10, 2012, in just his fifth NBA game, Kidd-Gilchrist had 25 points and 12 rebounds in a 101–97 win over the Dallas Mavericks, marking Charlotte’s first-ever win over Dallas in the franchise’s nine-year history, ending a 16-game losing streak against the Mavericks.[11] He had a second 25-point, 12-rebound effort on December 19, 2012 against the Phoenix Suns.[12] He became only the second player in NBA history to post two games with at least 25 points and at least 12 rebounds before his 20th birthday and became just the fourth player in 20 years to record two such games in the first 25 games of his career.

The trajectory looked good! Just not coming from his hands…

Gerald Wallace really hated Rod Higgins for that trade at the time. Higgins and MJ were close and probably still are, so maybe with the new ownership something could be done like a Bobcats night where we bring back all the legends.

Primo Brezec
Melvin Ely
Adam Morrison
Walter Hermann
Raymond Felton (As he enters doing the Larry Brown half court spin play)

Wow, he’s really not found much traction in the league. I’m a bit surprised

Yeah for a bit there he looked better than Richards to me.

Great find and thanks for sharing this! Was never too high on him as a player, but he seems like a genuinely good guy who’s doing some really impactful work. Great to hear the update.

Yeah, me too. I remember posting once that I thought we should keep him over Richards. That post didn’t age well. Nick was always the better athlete but just didn’t have the coordination early on. Once the game slowed down for him a bit though, he improved exponentially. I think VCJ’s lack of athleticism has probably hurt him a bit. His game just doesn’t seem compatible with what people are looking for these days.

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I was happy when we drafted him. Thought he was a versatile big, who could eventually stretch the floor etc. Oh well, guess not.

Remember feeling OK at #32 picked Carey. Confused A few minutes later traded for project Nick Richards at #42.
Mitch preaching patience as expecting both 2 years away from possibly being worth getting any minutes.

Then next year draft Kai & JT…poster said always stuck with me…2 years away from being 2 years away.

And Carey didn’t just sophomore slump after decent rookie prospect…fell apart. Somehow made 16 TO in gleague Swarm game.

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