Historical Hornets/Bobcats

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My first game was 93-94, family friend Gil McGregor (who used to be Steve Martin’s partner on the call) got my dad and me seats under the basket and… Alonzo gets tossed real early in the game. But it was a super cool experience and was a fan since day one.


My first game was in 2009, my neighbor was older and had season tickets but didn’t goto many games so he gave us a lot of tickets. I was only 10 so I wasn’t exactly the best fan at picking up details, but Felton and Gerald were just on a tear that game.

I fell in love with the team then, after that I’d listen to the radio every night when they played and log onto the Bobcats website to use their live game chat.


First game was “Opening Night” 1988… we lost by like 40 to the Cavs and crowd gave the guys a standing ovation.

Had season tickets in section 128 row N for 10 years


My first game was in the second season against the Washington Bullets in a mid-week affair. I remember Dad saying we had to leave in the 3rd quarter to be able to get home before midnight, lol.

Once I got old enough I was there all the time. Crazy memory was in 2002 when they were selling buy one get one free playoff tickets because everyone turned on Shinn. One of the most insane things I’ve ever been a part of.

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Not really “Historical” but first game was Dec. 23, 2016 vs Bulls. Section 112 row F. Great seats. Second game Dec. 31, 2019 vs Celtics. Section 223 row C. Family really enjoyed the games, especially my son. Would love to go to more, but $$ and drive from East TN doesn’t help.

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Ziggy! Thanks so much for thread!

My first game was Dec. 1, 1988, a last minute victory over Charles Barkley’s Sixers. Rex Chapman drew a charge on Sir Charles to seal the win. I had just moved to Charlotte, loved playing b-ball, and I was hooked. It was the first ever Hornets victory against an above .500 team. No lie, TOTAL STRANGERS were high fiving each other in the cheap seats. Just a different place and time altogether. Not saying life was better then overall. But Charlotte was kinda rinky dink and suddenly we were hosting the greatest athletes in the world, in the Bird/Magic/Jordan period. I remember hearing the word “Charlotte” mentioned on ESPN’s Sportscenter program was SUCH a big deal to us LOL.

Thankful to have my first ever attended Hornets game somewhat documented at the 7:34 mark in the link below.

Charlotte Hornets - Hornets Hysteria - YouTube

Ziggy, I remember Gil McGregor well. Randomly walked up to him once in the University area to ask a basketball question and he was gracious enough to reply and not act annoyed at my silly young self.

Gil is a class act and a great Demon Deacon to boot! I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with him on several occasions and he’s always been extremely gracious. A lot of fond memories growing up of him and Steve Martin doing games together back in the day.

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I probably first met Gil when I was 9 or 10, he was the absolute nicest guy in the world. My sister and I would see him a lot at Wake around the time he stopped playing in Europe. I don’t know the role but I recall he was at WFU where he and my dad worked together in some capacity for a few years there.

I got to meet Steve Martin a few times at Hornets/Bobcats stuff but the first time was as Fitzgerald’s. Similar to your experience with Gil, Steve was really nice about engaging me in conversation; it surprised me that he wasn’t more aloof.


GWMVP you caught them at a good time! Larry Brown was starting to make us legit there for a season or two. I remember poor Ray Felton could not guard Jameer Nelson to save his life in those 2010 playoffs. (My brother played a little pick up with Raymond at UNC and liked him in person.)

Was a great game, Charles went nuts, hahaha

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I was a teenager when Zo and LJ came into the league. That was a great time. Then I went to college and sort of lost interest in pro sports outside of playoffs. I got interested in the Bobcats when they started up, and my wife gave me a mini-season pass for Christmas their first season. Those were my first pro basketball games. We were terrible, but I enjoyed watching the small successes we had.

Also had the great pleasure to join @Keetch for a number of games too. A highlight was when were playing some team we weren’t supposed to beat (pretty much any team), but we were playing really well. Hammer just made a big play and was walking back to the bench. He saw me doing a Tiger Woods type hype elbow thing and then did it himself while looking at me. That was a pretty cool fan moment.


Local news highlights were so important back in the day. I have a VHS tape full of early '93 Hornets highlights, when they were making their first run to the playoffs. WSOC, WBTV, and WCNC(?) would have differing highlights of home games, if memory serves. If you could get all three taped, it was awesome LOL.

Anybody remember “The Big Guy” Harold Johnson?

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Tnhf I was at that Dec. 31, 2019 Celtics game too, with like 5 or 6 nephews ha ha. Loss for the Hornets but a gorgeous day outside in the city. What a difference a year makes, huh? Much more fun team now and we can’t even go see 'em. Center City Charlotte is a sad, apocalyptic ghost town in the COVID times, the last I checked.

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Yah fun times DNB thanks for helping me thru my 3 year insanity. Got to enjoy many games from behind the Bobcats bench with @dnbman. One time with @Spectre I recall.

And always there was Beagle up in the rafters. I’d meet him at the upper level concession area and say hello almost every game. A few times he joined me on the lower level, but he didn’t like to sit there because of the limited leg room ha. He was a very tall dude. He’d stretch out over two rows up there lol.

By the end of that ST contract tho I was done. I’d come to despise the PA system blaring in my ears. It was often so randomly loud you could not hear the person sitting right next to you. I love basketball; but I hated that shit.

I have come to think that’s an attendance related issue. I noticed last year (attendance seemed way down initially), the PA was at piercingly loud sound levels. It might be when there aren’t bodies to absorb sound waves it’s being in a large tin can with the volume at 11.

My first Hornets game was Nov. 8, 1997 vs. the Indiana Pacers at the Charlotte Coliseum. I remember it being Larry Bird’s first game coaching against our Hornets. Glen Rice put on a show scoring 30 and out dueling Reggie Miller (20) and the Hornets got an 89-82 win!

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If LJ never gets injured and Zo stays would we of had a shot at the titles post MJ?

Like how good of a duo was that actually

Not good enough for a ring if you look at other teams