Bring Back… the Sting?

Personally I’d be really excited to get a WNBA team in Charlotte and would support

I’d love for us to bring back the Sting.

I think they would do well here. Makes sense with South Carolina right down the road.

I’d definitely love to bring the Sting back.

Yes please!

Talks broke down between the Denver ownership group and the WNBA about 6 months ago. I think this is more of a ploy to put more pressure on the Denver folks to compromise. They fought over petty stuff like area usage times. (Just give the W top billing in the summer!)

You can see that they need more west coast representation. In fact they awarded a new franchise to Golden State last year.

Yes, all on board on bringing them back. Was pissed when Bob let them fold.

It was fun seeing them play, especially when they had Andrea Stinson, Dawn Staley, and Allison Feaster making a run to the Finals, along with Tar Heel legend Charlotte Smith.

I hope they can keep growing the league to maybe 20 teams. Not sure if we’ll get it this go around, seems Nashville is the hot name for any expansion (for baseball too). I’m guessing they want a Florida presence, so Miami, then a Canadian team in Toronto. Denver, Philly and Portland in the mix.

Would be nice to have more professional Charlotte basketball right now

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Well our chance would have to wait another couple or few years:

By the way, caitlin clark has struggled while Cameron Brink has looked like the rookie of the year.