NHL News: Possible Coyotes Relocation Spots

The Houston Coyotes? Kansas City Coyotes? Salt Lake City Coyotes? Milwaukee Coyotes? Atlanta Coyotes? Quebec City Coyotes? [Hartford (Yeah as in the Whalers) is being mentioned too.]

This has to hurt the fan base in Arizona. Real bad.

No way in heck does Hartford deserve to have a replacement team because they p!ssed the Whalers away.

Hockey in Atlanta?!?!??! Are you kidding me?

I would lean Quebec or Milwaukee

The Atlanta Thrashers were a team about to do something before Heatley had that terrible car crash.

Haven’t really followed much hockey lately, so no idea what would work.

I for some reason thought the Thrashers were still around. Shows how much I pay attention to hockey.

Quebec deserves a team. Also surprised Milwaukee never had a hockey team. But as someone who went through a brutal relocation, I feel like they should find a way to stay in Phoenix too. Do they not use the Suns arena for games?

Well d@mn Atlanta already had a team? Who knew - not me! Yeah I am all for Canadian expansion.

The thrashers are now the Winnipeg Jets. Interesting, the original Winnipeg Jets are now the Coyotes.