Can we keep Winning vs the Magic

I don’t know why but I just really love beating the Magic let’s keep doing it

I’m so over Graham and watching him aimlessly dribble around to either take a bad shot or turn the ball over. Ball movement just stops.

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Haven’t logged on here in a while. Really just wanted to comment on how frustrating is that Malik or even McDaniels haven’t even been given the opportunity to play their way into the rotation while they guys who’ve supposedly “solidified their spots” continue to stink it up night after night. Even the most casual of fans can see that things need to be shaken up yet Borrego hasn’t shown a willingness to even try Monk or McDaniels for extended time, 2 guys who have both proven that they can contribute when given the time. What’s the worse that could happen? The same outcome the current rotation is giving him? Something has to give.


I didn’t watch tonight but looking at the box score looks like the 3rd quarter really did us in this time. PJ with only 2 points sucks.

I see that Hornets Law was back in order with Orlando hitting 19 three pointers tonight. Unbelievable. Lol

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See, when I was saying yesterday that Cliff’s law may be stronger than Hornets law, I made the mistake of not following Hornet’s law #2


The second and third quarter killed us this time. We couldn‘t hold on to our nice 15 point lead from the start and to be fair the landslide already startet in the last 1,5 mins of the first quarter.
Our Bench going 0 of 13 from three throughout the game didn‘t help either.

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miles and melo 3 ball coming back to earth is a big part of the losing streak. they were propping up the bench and adding solid scoring late in games too. it hasn’t been happening. the starters (minus biz) are solely responsible right now for winning games.