Clowns of Auburn Hills in town

Whether it’s Borrego or not I don’t know. But I’m having difficulty watching him stand there on the sideline making these decisions.

I believe he actually has a very deep and long roster. It’s young yeah, but he needs to trust and tap into it more. Use your depth. Don’t burn your team out again like last year.

Plumlee has done better than I would have thought, but is unplayable now at the end of close games. So use Trez, Thor or Kai. No more of this small ball crap. It’s exhausting to the players and to the fans.


I have no words. Just cannot understand how we’re so bad in close game situations. I tend to agree that you have to play Trez down the stretch. He too is undersized but I have to believe he would’ve secured a couple of boards just through sheer will alone. We were literally ONE defensive rebound away from winning that game. How many putbacks did Det have in the last 3 minutes and OT? Prevent any one of those and we win the game. I like Trez’s chances of getting one.

Oh, and as an aside, I love the way they stopped the game to make sure Bey’s shot wasn’t mistakenly called a 2. Apparently you can do that in the NBA? Wouldn’t have wanted Detroit to be shorted a point at the end of a close game that might’ve adversely affected the outcome. Way to be all over that refs.

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I have been beating drum for Richards for most of the season. His size , athletic ability and touch, especially at foul line are exactly what we need. He can alter shots and catch lobs better than Plumlee. Coaching staff had him playing well before Dec. and now JB has totally put him in street clothes so he will most likely regress. WTH, you need a big man, you have one that showed good promise and you refuse to use him because of your “Pride”? Richards and Trez would of closed out with more rebounds in OT, I promise you! Did you see slow ass Plumlee trying to run after that jump ball at very end, why even put him in that situation. Oubre would of gotten to that ball and Pistons would not of had a chance a that last shot. So frustrating, reminds me of coach Clifford not using the defense of BIZ to closeout games. Also, why will he never sub during OT like mentioned above? Guys get tired in OT too and fresh legs or size could really help on defense??

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