CLT heads to MEM

If I have a bet or feel, I’m betting big on Malik having himself an evening on the court tonight. I also think we run a lot of three guard rotation minutes.

Starting with some energy

At risk of stating the obvious, I love how Melo is always looking to make an entry pass. Just always pushing things.

If Memphis can just came back to earth with the threes (Hornets life), we’ll be alright.


We just can’t guard the 3 pt line.

And that is nothing new. Actually it is very very old.

I guess Lamelo got benched tonight for absolutely no reason

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Well I tuned into this game at the start of the third quarter after missing the first half…looks like I should’ve done something else.

JB HAS to change up his defense because they’re giving up wide up threes at will. Good lord. This team gives up threes in bunches

Monk in at PG now. Along with both of the g league twins

I’ve never seen a group of guys so disinterested in defense. So much watching.

Hornets Law brings us another franchise record in 3 point shooting allowed. Such is the life of a young up and down team. Sheesh!


23 threes for Memphis, a franchise record

Another absolute turd sandwich from PJ. I think he needs to ride the pine for a while and come off the bench.

Yup! Can’t catch and just gets outhustled and outplayed by his match-up every night

Generally I’d agree with the Hornet’s Law thing but this feels beyond that… Coach either has to adjust/change something up OR we have to make roster adjustments. This doesn’t appear like just a young team thing. It seems with our roster, if we face a team with 3 point shooters and/or good bigs we are in over our heads. Also PJ and Miles are so up and down. PJ obviously has been pretty rough most of the season almost heading into Bacon breakdown territory…

I can’t understand this ignore the corner 3 stuff. It’s way too subject to getting absolutely torched with a competent 3 point shooting team. I get the idea, a missed corner 3 leads to leak outs into quick transition but maybe when we meet a team that’s going cookoo bananas from 3, we should switch into a different defensive mode. Just a thought

Very frustrating game. Imagine not defending the 3 point line in the 3 point shooting era ffs

Our inside play and rebounding was complete bullshit ,All they did was inside out ball. We had no one who could block out Saboni’s at all. Or even try to box him out. Threes will be all night long ever time we play a decent big.

Not a lot of good individual defenders, just miles & Martin twins? Monk last couple weeks, Biz used to be
play a lot of zones to cover and at bottom of league in tight and very tight covers
lead the in the league at giving wide open shots (6+ Feet), for season teams are not shooting not well against this ‘defense’, #9 overall defense 111 ppg, will see big swings dependant on opponent missing shots as to players missing because there’s good defense
What can JB do different?
Has not shown to be a defensive coach teacher guru type
play hand dealt and bluff with a lot of zones

I think JB should definitely keep benching Lamelo for no reason when we need to make a run.

I think the premise is fine. You give up the shot every team wants to take because, as a transition team, no shot leads to better transition than missed corner threes.

I think there needs to be a backup switch-to strategy when a team is cooking on corner threes however. That’s where I see an opportunity, have an option that takes that shot away even if that leads to easier other buckets for a time.