College Football Thread

Season: 1-0

Week 1:
NC State -14.5
Liberty -9.5
Under 59.5 HI v Stanford

Wake not going easy on Elon

And so the chips continue to fall

I hear that a reverse merger between the PAC-12 and the MWC is in the works. And heard that FSU has a standing invite to the Big 10 but the SEC does NOT want that to happen.

FSU, UNC, NC state and Clemson should all go big 10

Sad to not be able to watch ACC network or ESPN games if I want to keep the service that allows me to watch Hornets games.

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Both YouTubeTV and Dirctv streaming have an option to pause for as long as you want with no fees. I had YT first, but since Ballys was only on directv, I had YT paused for the last 8 months. I may have stuck with directv, but I couldn’t get Fox channels because of a dumb dispute, so I paused them and freed up my YT again.

Pretty cool feature, cable companies would never.

It feels like we’re near the endgame for broadcasting as we have grown to know it in a cable-aware post 3-network paradigm. I don’t know what the future holds but it seems like the last grapple hook that broadcast TV has held on broadcasting has been sports. This Disney/Comcast fight in the midst of the Bally Chapter 11 filing looks like it might lead to a complete reimagination of that, at least in the US.

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On a positive note, probably going to end up being just a few companies in the end, so just like old times!

Clemson is college football’s biggest fraud. The SEC would be fools to accept them.

Not looking good…