College Football Thread

I think “want” is the key word on staying wagon-hitched there. They - like UVA are bigger so they can go places that Duke and Wake cannot as easily (though Duke can more easily do so being twice the size than Mother So Dear).

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Who in the Sam Heck wants Wake blood sucking on funds they have not earned? Same for Duke, Vandy, Stanford and all of those other super rich schools who don’t care about football should go the way of the University of Chicago.

Anyway I hope that Arizona ant Colorado make the jump to the Big 12.

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ACC is only one team away from dissolving their contractual bond and all hell breaking lose! Pad-12 has not announced their new TV agreement because they are struggling to keep the conference together. Their efforts are not working:

If this happens, then the SEC should expand:

I had Apple TV for free for about 6 months. It was terrible. A broken PAC-12 can only make the streaming service worse:

Why? ESPN isn’t going to give more money for their games and then you are just having to cut the pie into more pieces. Zero reason for the SEC to expand

because the writing on the wall is that there is going to be the sec and the big 10. sec will add fsu and clemson. big 10 ncstate, pitt, va tech.

if the ncaa was smart (which they aren’t) they would just make a football league.

We are less than a decade away from football leaving the NCAA

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No way in the world would the SEC (or any other conference) pass up the Miami market. Does the SEC have any tv markets that come close to Miami in terms of revenue generation, media exposure, prestige or hot women?

I think the top tv market in the SEC is Nashville. (I love Nashville!) Raleigh Durham could be gotten w UNC.

Sorry to say SEC has to expand to if the Big Ten goes 20 deep.

No it doesn’t. This is about money. Do the Hurricanes still generate as many views (revenue) for ESPN as Texas v LSU or Bama v Oklahoma?

Yeah, not close. Which college football programs were the most-watched in 2022? | by Zach Miller | Run It Back With Zach | Medium

The SEC isn’t going to add just to add. It’s got to make sense from a financial standpoint.

There is a finite amount of money for TV contracts. If ESPN isn’t going to increase their price to carry SEC games with the addition of Miami, FSU or Clemson, why in the world would SEC ADs and Presidents want to add them, just to decrease their portion of the payout?

That is the same thing that Big 12 folks said last year. In fact folks on YouTube would get mad at reports of further expansion of the Big 12. Like it or not the Big Ten is going to force a lot of people out of their comfort zone.

Look at where we are at now:

I know that SEC folks will want to stop this train but that won’t happen especially when the Big Ten gets a bigger TV contract and more money for each school. Believe me, none of this would be possible without the behind the scenes influence of Fox and ESPN.

You can see this yourself. Two to three conferences w 20 to 25 teams each. NFL model here we come! There is no turning back.

You are probably right and I hate it. But there doesn’t seem to be a financial reason to add any teams to the SEC right now if the TV partners aren’t going to increase their payout for rights

Yeah this is not great but I accept it. Sadly for the SEC the ACC doesn’t have any real football teams. (Let’s be real, Clemson is only one Dabo Swinney away from being Clemson - again!). I guess FSU still has some value but they would get killed in the SEC every year.

My thought for the SEC is to cherry pick the ACC teams that will likely bring in the biggest tv markets and therefore the most tv revenue and seek to renegotiate w ESPN, Fox and the streamers (Apple, Amazon, etc) I am talking selling 3rd and 4th tier rights to anyone (even CBS) possible.

The dam will break wide open if the Big Ten signs the Ducks and the Huskies. It would be even worse if they go after Stanford because that would mean that they are targeting ND once again. If the Big Ten gets ND, then the SEC will be stuck as the 2nd premier conference for decades. 2nd ain’t bad nut it ain’t no 1 and that is the goal of the SEC (as we all know).

The ACC tried to grab some PAC-12 schools. Talk about being YEARS late to show some urgency. The ACC has earned its current precarious position.

Only teams the SEC should add is ACC teams if they find a way to break free

Yeah SEC gets to be extra picky. Saw reports that PAC-12 was not interested in adding Texas years ago. The PAC-12 is more incompetent than the ACC.

I think the ACC should raid the AAC of all of its private schools. Those schools can afford to leave.

ACC should raid the AAC of ECU because it’d benefit me

Yep this sh!t is still super crazy:

SMU even has George Bush and Condoleezza Rice working the phones for them. Talk about friends in high places.

Our nightmare is over! Football in I e hour

Grill is firing up
Catawba White Zombie being poured

San Diego St -2.5 for the legal limit tonight!

Yeah good to get the season started again. :+1:

Anyway, if you thought that ND v Navy was ugly in Ireland, you ain’t seen nothing: