College Football Thread

Was a bummer, me and the rest of the student section had gotten ready in position to storm the field as soon he lined up to kick. He made a 60 yarder to win vs Navy last year so I thought he’d come through. With the way college football is going idk how many more chances we’ll have to knockoff a team like that at home.

But should still be a good season, nervous how well respond Saturday though.

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It’s great to be a Mountaineer. App state takes down A&M.

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Very jealous of you guys atm

In freaking credible! Happy Appy strikes again! I’ve got some friends who attended school in Boone!


I’m dying over here

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Yeah 1pt win over Liberty is a tough one but you live another day


Not looking good MurderHornet

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Never a doubt!


Petrino gives me nightmares. Glad we survived

Ugh!   great game, bummer result


Ten characters

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Yep don’t wanna talk about last weekend

It’s back on! It’s BACK ON!

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A good ECU win, NC State loss, and an Alabama loss. It was a great Saturday.

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Love that Alabama loss. GBO :apple:! Don’t forget a Notre Dame loss!

That was an incredible football game

Tar Heels haven’t disappointed yet! The dook game was actually awesome yesterday, as good as the basketball rivalry. If y’all haven’t checked out Drake Maye, he is legit a #1 worthy draft pick (not like Trubisky, but actually talented).

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I am okay if the ACC burns to the ground if that means that UNC and NC State can find something better:

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I’m okay if the ACC burns to the ground because I think ECU could get into the zombie ACC

Although tbh I kinda doubt if NC State, Virginia Tech and Virginia would get a SEC/Big 10 invite. NC State seems the most likely and even then, I think it’s like 50/50 for them

@Eastley if it did happen though and those 7 left do you think Wake and yourself would rather be in the Big12 or try to save the ACC adding like Memphis, Temple, USF, ECU and Tulane.

My guess is that, due to the 70+ years of history, Wake would most want to be where the majority of UVa, UNC, NCSU, Duke were.

You think if UNC, State etc bolted for the SEC Wake would be able to follow?