Panthers Season 2023

Seems there’s a bit of discussion on how woefully the Panthers season is going so let’s move tat discourse here and out of hoops talk.

CJ vs Bryce
Tepper vs Machine Learning algos
Frank Reich vs Wilks vs the field
What else?

I’m not really fan, but follow from a distance.

Obviously, the Panthers are terrible, but what have y’all thought of Young, CJ comparisons aside.

If they get the right pieces and run the right plays, can he be a blue chip QB, or still too early to make an opinion?

Young still can be good. It’s such a shit show in terms of whatever the hell happened to the offensive line, terrible free agent running back signing, zero speed and separation from any receiver.

It’s impossible to even evaluate what kind of talent he has. But I’ve definitely seen some good flashes, the way he played at Alabama.

The rest of the year will be a struggle, but if he gets time to throw, has an offseason to work on strength and studying film, I think it will all connect soon, and he’ll be slicing defenses apart.

Is this current lead the first time we’ve led a game in the first half this season?

no, I think we have scored first in 3 or 4 games before tonight

We’ve identified the one thing worse than the Hornets 3 point defense.

The Panthers Offense!

I don’t know what I did in a past life to deserve these two franchises. I hope I at least had fun and lived it up.

The most winnable game against the worst defense, can’t even get an offensive touchdown.

Was encouraged by them finally taking a deep shot, and it was on the money. Good to see we couldn’t try that again.

I compare Reich to Cliff a lot because of personality and nice guyness, but Cliff actually really knows the game of basketball. I don’t think Reich understands the game at all.

The Bears are able to find good plays for their Division II undrafted rookie to throw, but they can’t find anything workable for our #1 pick after 8 games? Not even one good drive?

Should photoshop the blinds into vertical bars instead

It’s a weird self-assurance state to be able to go to bed at halftime and know guaranteed that your team will not win a game they are leading at the time.

Well, that completely winnable Panther game tonight was brutal. Dark times for Charlotte area pro sports fans…

Yeah. It was tough watching Foreman grind out 80 yards against us while the guy we paid to replace him rushed for a whopping-2 Never understood why they chose to move on from him in the first place. You find a diamond in the rough that ends up being a near thousand yard rusher who didn’t cost a lot and you let him go. The decision makers for both the Panthers and Hornets are leaving a lot to be desired.

Maybe I’m paying for the lottery luck to get Alonzo Mourning. Or maybe the fact that Gerald Wallace was an easy get. Dunno

Apparently Tepper went and Teppered

Geez. 11 games. I’m a Titans fan. Watched most of the game yesterday. Panthers biggest issue is offensive line. Horrible. Being a Titans fan, I know what horrible offensive line looks like. Hard to judge a QB with that OL. Reich is not a great coach, but he’s not the worst either. Need to get a offensive coach and keep him for a few years to let Young have continuity with coaches and system. With what they gave up to get him, being bad for a few seasons should be expected. Just my 2 cents from the outside looking in.

Should’ve hired Wilks to begin with, but if Reich was his guy, you have to give him a real opportunity. Pulling the plug on the guy he picked after just 11 games only proves what we already knew, that Tepper is the problem.


Woof these guys are so bad

I spend all my time ranting on the Hornets now because they at least give me something to work with.

This Panthers era is so far under anything I’ve ever experienced as a fan, even worse than that Bobcats year, but only because of the hope of getting the Anthony Davis (ensuing gut punch notwithstanding). But trading CMC and DJ Moore and a #1 overall pick in a star studded QB draft to move up to take what could be a the most tremendous bust of all time (if he doesn’t turn it around)….

Good thing I’m older now and football isn’t my life. Should’ve tanked the year for Trevor Lawrence instead of getting Bridgewater for a few wins. Then we’d be sitting pretty WITH Trevor AND CMC AND DJ AND all our first round picks…

Maybe the Hornets are good in that alternate universe too. Or maybe Hornets law is universal. I don’t know, but Charlotte sports are such a drain on your spirit.

It has been sadly interesting. People I’ve known for years with ZERO interest in sports will laugh out loud when I make a joke about the Panthers now. Their patheticness is ingrained into the culture.

Winning some games with Bridgewater and not getting Trevor Lawrence? That reminds me of ending 9-8 giving Walter Hermann some run and not getting Kevin Durant. Oh, who am I kidding? We would’ve ended up with Oden.

Thank all that’s holy this season is over

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There’s been worse, uglier years than this one. But is this one the most depressing?

Losing the top pick, a guaranteed stud as a reward for the suck is such a gut punch. But not even being sure if the guy we traded everything for is going to last past next year is worse. Losing your best WR. Losing picks to trade for Darnold, Mayfield, losing picks to move up for Corrall and DJ Johnson who didn’t really play for us and may not ever.

Having an owner who is viewed as the worst in all sports, scaring off any serious GM and head coaching candidate. I guess the solace is we’ll suck horribly next year and get the #1 overall in 2025. But how many losing seasons in a row do we have to suffer with before being able to enjoy the team.

I was giving Bryce the full season before I judged him. Still can’t give a full answer based on all the terribleness by the coaching, scouting, drafting, GMing, owning, offensing. I want him to succeed, don’t know if we can address the offensive line and get a good couple receivers to give him a fair shot. Cause if we get the #1 pick next year, it absolutely will be a QB unless Bryce makes a huge leap.

Seems like a certainty that will have a top 3 pick in 2025 so there’s that.

I hate to agree with the gloominess of that assessment, but as much as I’d like to put a positive spin on things, I just can’t. I agree with the decision to fire Fitterer, but how much does that really change anything? It’s just hard to see our way out of this. Competent offensive linemen and receivers aren’t easy to come by and a new GM isn’t going to be able to just make some appear out of thin air. Not having all our picks of course makes that even harder. And the part that’s especially hard to swallow is that we’re wasting a good defense. By the time the offense is good enough to win games, how good will Burns, Brown, Luvu and Horn still be, or will they even still be here?

The one positive thing I’m clinging to is games like GB and the drives he put together at the end of the Falcons and Texans games that do give me hope that if Bryce ever gets the right pieces around him, he could be the real deal. But getting those pieces is a big IF. It’s going to have to involve some serious luck somewhere along the line, and possibly someone being willing to frame Tepper for a crime serious enough to get him ousted.