Panthers Off Season 24?

Given how terrible last season was, how are things this off season?

I’d give this offseason a B grade, I think the team generally improved with the moves made and put Bryce in a better position to succeed

Brian Burns was the big shoe to drop. I liked the idea of having a “star” edge rusher as a building block, but he was asking for $30M per year, and he had nowhere near the impact of a player that caliber.

So clearing that gave us a huge boost to the offensive line, which we desperately needed. Great trade to get a lead WR for a guy we were about to cut anyway. Added some nice defensive pieces at DT, LB, and the secondary.

I’m cautiously optimistic in the sense that I realize this team is located in Charlotte. I thought the coaching hires last year looked promising, but boy was that a wreck. I think free agency set us up nicely to go for the best players in this draft. Hoping for a WR and edge rusher. Would like a great tight end, but looks like this draft isn’t deep there.

B ish sounds good grade, nailing the draft could raise it more. But also would not be surprised if everything blew up in our faces again.

I don’t really keep up with football much, but seems good we have some legit o-line guys now.

Probably goes without saying, but hate it for Young and the organization that he was put in the position he was in to be successful (or unsuccessful) after doing such a crazy trade to get him.

Hoping we get a reasonably priced Clowney. That dude’s still a favorite of mine even with his issues.

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