Panthers Draft 2023

I don’t really keep up much with the Panthers am still interested.

What do you think of the trade for the first? Would certainly be interesting if they traded down a few spots and reclaimed some of what they gave up in the trade.

What are you looking for them to do for next season?

Titans fan, not a Panthers fan. However, you’ve got to have a QB to compete in football. If there’s a QB in the draft they think will be elite, they have to take him. That’s the only reason to make the trade, in my opinion. Every other need can be filled later or in free agency. I do like the aggressive move. Don’t sit and wait for a QB to fall to you. Good move I think.

I agree very good and aggressive move. You need a QB1 and they know it. I love Fitterer. Think he’s an outstanding GM. Something the Hornets sorely lack.

This whole offseason has been a big win so far.

Can’t predict what they’ll do, but guessing they stick at 1 and take Stroud. If so, that works for me.

Further thoughts…

I don’t think they’d trade down and take Levis or Richardson. Not after just trading away one of the best receivers in the league. It would take a hell of a deal and I greatly doubt that’s the plan. The only crazy move may be if they fell in love with AR and take him at 1. Not seeing that as a real thing though.

Hearing they might not be going for Young due to his height. Makes sense to me, but I get that a LOT of people really like Bryce Young. Kyler Murray is a good comp no(?), and isn’t he having all kinds of problems?

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