The NFL Thread 2021-22

Feels weird but the NFL season is just a few weeks away

atleast now my teams lose year round instead of the Panthers giving me a break

Not a panthers fan but that is a good trade. Essentially a free roll on darnold

Ehh it’s okay. Some Panthers fans are overreacting negatively.

We could have the 4-5th QB drafted this year or take a flyer on Darnold.

If he doesn’t work out we’ll be able to draft the 1rst to third QB next year

I’m a Titans fan, so you never know what a change of scenery will do for a player, especially a QB. I don’t think darnold was the problem with the Jets. Panthers seem headed in right direction. Might just work out.

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Yeah I don’t see why panthers fans are getting bent out of shape over this

I feel like the nfl is about 10 years behind the nba on figuring out trades. The Panthers didn’t give up a whole lot to get him. Basically a 2nd and 4th. If he is even a ryan fitzpatrick type talent at his contract averaged over the next 2-3 years with franchise tags etc, it’s worth it.

I feel like Panthers fans overreact about just about anything

This was a good draft pick at 8 no?

me i would have picked a line man hear Slater i think . or even Fields to put pressure Donald


well I couldn’t just type OL, the edit nazi didn’t understand our need for OL and it didn’t make a complete sentence

As a person who doesn’t really watch college football (shout out to my fellow Gamecocks), how do you guys feel about the draft?

Looks like they set up Darnold nicely with some pieces.

i am a stillers fan. the entire draft the espn talking heads were beating the ol drum. here is the thing, ol isn’t usually a position that factors immediately. it takes a year or two minimum for an offensive lineman to really mature and understand how to play at the nfl level.

i am not saying you shouldn’t draft lineman, i am saying that it isn’t something you draft for to fill an immediate need.

I agree with that development look at OL, I’m looking at building for the long haul and I’ve been beating the drum for a few years now that the Panthers need to focus on the OL - especially getting someone we can depend on at LT.

yes, i agree with that. i would say darnold is actually a now move not a future move. some putting weapons around him is more important as long as you have a competent line which carolina does.

same with pittsburgh. why would you reach on marginal first round talent at line when your qb is in need of a running back and tight end? sure if the right guy falls, draft him but i just didn’t understand all the OL drum beating.

If Darnold doesn’t preform this year he’s no good plenty of weapons for him to throw to.

I think the Panthers defense will be a force soon

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Welp time for another team of mine suck