1/26 pacers game

Here we go. Started a game thread for you slackers. I’m not even able to watch this one. At a Tar Heels game.

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We have to win this one. I feel like if we don’t, we will lose 8 straight.

Yeah feels like a must win

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That dime by EC on Gordo being out due to H&S protocols rather than foot discomfort was revealing.

These offensive rebounds are infuriating

Turned Goga into an all star

This is like a throw back game to earlier in the year when Mason wasn’t blocking out defensively. Wasn’t blocking out seems like a generous way of describing it

Let’s see what lineup Borrego comes out of this timeout with. Just under 4 to play in 3rd up 18. This is typically when we put in the prevent BS

Just wrapped up the unc game. This is one of the worst Tar Heels teams I’ve seen in a hot minute. The two guards love and Davis are pitiful and don’t look like they’ve improved at all. Horrible guard play.

Maybe I’ll pick up the end of the fourth of the hornets game.

I totally understand why people want to sell high on Oubre. It makes sense.

But please don’t take away the first competent bench we’ve ever had from me. We just got it. Cmon


When oubre is hot, he’s hot. We need to hang onto him.

Wowowowow. Man screw the Pacers they deserve this for the play in

El Oh ElaMelo

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Rewatching this now. Apparently the 2nd half was a lot of fun - way to get our groove back!

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+45… wow man