College Football Thread

The ACC and Pac12 are talking about forming an “alliance” and having the two champs meet in Vegas to generate more money. How did the last “alliance” workout?

These two morons still don’t get it. You have raid and raid hard like the Big 12. The ACC and Pac12 are weaklings to be slaughtered by the alphas of the college football world. Being va-JJ soft does not work when money is a stake.

The ACC should go after Stanford (to make ND happy), Cal, Oregon, and Washington. Desperate times call for drastic measures. Then they should try to re-negotiate w ESPN. Time for the ACC to go national but I don’t think they have the balls to pull the trigger.

ACC is toast I’m sure Clemson, UNC, FSU and Miami all looking for a way out.

Hell mo fo yeah ND! It’s not your job to save the ACC! Ge’ yo money ND! Get it!

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The ND media rights negotiations will be fascinating

With the Big 10 going after the Pac12 scraps today then it seems to me that UVA and UNC might not have any other choice than to go after the SEC for admission.

Miami and FSU are on the expansion list too. I am hoping that NC becomes a Big 10 and SEC state.

Hope they pull the trigger now so we can just get it over with

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Excluding ESPN? That’s some BS.

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Looks like NBC is trying to diversify beyond ND only games.

Wow no Big 10 Basketball or Football games on ESPN.

More Hogs and Heels on the Mothership I guess!

FYI #23 Arkansas opens at home v #22 Cincy. Can’t wait.

Looks like they DONE’T have a plan yet for basketball, the sole focus has been on football:

Talk about rushed p!ss poor planning that may hopefully benefit ESPN because of the sheer volume of airtime needed to accommodate basketball and other winter/spring sports.

ESPN may not be completely out!

Honestly football conferences should just be separate from all other sports at this point.

Conferences serve no purposes anymore. Just scrap them, let teams be in regions, maybe scheduling can be made by zones to keep smaller sports who don’t have the budget to travel across the country for conference play. Football teams can schedule whoever the hell they want, and get a real 12-16 team playoff.

Eh, as a fan of a team who will never win a natty, conferences still mean a lot to me. Winning the conference title would be huge.

But I’m kinda an old guy mentality when it comes to college football, I much prefer the BCS era to the CFP one.

If regional groupings were made on actual regional ties instead of money I could see myself supporting it.

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5 days away

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Crushing loss today

Buddy I thought of you immediately. Hate it for you. Truly

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She’s even wearing her purple!

Decades ago I remember hanging out on the ECU campus as a kid!