Congrats Stephen Silas!

Long time coming young man!

Kid is going to be a star!

Rockets new HC!

Tough gig for a new coach. Lotta personalities on that team. And reigning in harden and Westbrook is going to be a challenge

Really happy for him. Hope Fertitta gives him sufficient time to succeed and coach through the inevitable drop and rebuild.

Great to see it

It’s a tough gig but he’ll also have a chance to do something special if he can make it all work

Never forget this magical moment

Think this falls fully in the congrats Silas category - any large departures lower the bar for his first year.

I could easily be talked into watching Russ every night for a super cheap package of batum and a second

Long overdue congrats to young Silas. Deserved to get a job much sooner.

But…I don’t know if he came in with the expectation to help Harden and Westbrook get over the hump with a Finals contending team. Because there obviously is a huge difference in coaching from implementing your style on veterans poised to compete vs. going through a disastrous tear down and trying to teach hangers on the fundamentals.

I wonder if there is an out clause for that bait and switch, cause Rockets management is about to hang multple 60+ loss seasons on his record, which could severely hurt his future job prospects.