Draft is Upon Us: Fan Preparation

Less than a week away. Trying to get my mind right, because I know it could be a WILD day. Scenarios I’m trying to prepare a positive mindset for:

  1. We draft Scoot. Dude’s super athletic. Seems like a great guy. Gives us options moving forward and can be successful with Lamelo. Feel good about it.
  2. We draft Miller. Dude can shoot. We need that. Bring it on.
  3. We trade for Zion. We now have under contract one of the greatest PFs ever IF he can get it together and be healthy. He and Melo would be one of the greatest lightening and thunder combos ever. We must trade all of the rest of our picks though for the best chefs, trainers, and zen masters on the planet. I might build a luxury apartment on top of the arena for Zion so he can live at the arena.
  4. A thousand trades spark off and when the smoke clears, somehow we end up with Russell Westbrook and Ben Simmons. I will go outside and scream to the gods, slap myself a few times, and then sit down and try to visualize how Westbrook and Simmons are going to lead us to a championship. Mushrooms may be involved.

My predictions for local fan reactions:

I think this will get overall the fans most pumped. Instant energy and buzz to the town, and a ton of excitement leading to the season

There will still be a lot of excitement, but it will be subdued because people who are mesmerized by Scoots physical attributes will need time to readjust. But I think everyone will eventually come around and embrace Miller, just with a tinge of the classic “hope we didn’t just fuck up” being attached to every game.

Will send the greatest shockwave the city has experienced for basketball. A lot of expletives both for and against the move. We’ll get ripped mercilessly on the airwaves for the risk.

But also, by the time the regular season rolls around, if Zion is healthy and ready to play, that first home game may be the most electric game environment we’ve ever seen.

Just another typical Tuesday living as a Hornet’s fan in this cruel cruel world.

Testing out Chat to enable it on draft day.


Scenarios 1 and 3 will grant the Hornets national tv games and finally a Christmas Day game.

Prepared for scenarios 1 & 2.

  1. I trust that Scoot will bring intensity and that it’ll prove contagious. I hope he and LaMelo thrive together.

  2. I’ll enjoy the floor spacing he’ll bring and the killer shooting. I just hope he develops a bit more burst and finishing ability at the rim. I have faith the strength and handle will come with time.

  3. Healthy, fitness and maturity. He is one of very few players in the league who has the ability to outplay his contract. I hope we also get Murphy & Daniels to fill out our young core.

  4. This sight might crash due to a torrent of expletives.

I like BI but please don’t do this Hornets

No…… Zion or just select Scoot.

We can’t let them pair Zion with Scoot.

Question: not that I want to trade Lamelo, but would you guys trade Lamelo for Zion. Then we could have Zion and Scoot?

Basically would you rather have:

Zion / Scoot
Melo/ Zion

Just making stuff up over here.

Make it stop.

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I think I’ll take my chances with Melo/Scoot.

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Not sure I like it but that is what is being discussed

Apparently MK drafted Ingram toward the end of his tenure with the Lakers…

Hopefully he drafts scoot towards the end of his tenure here


I posted it and then deleted it because I don’t even want to let the BS stress me but if we trade this pick without absolutely REAMING the Pelicans then this whole organization from top to bottom, old and NEW can go F’ themselves. We start to get in a position to truly build and then we start throwing stuff away on damaged/broken parts? nah…

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F it, just go for both. If they really want to reset with Scoot, give us Ingram and Zion, they get Scoot, Gordon, Terry, Cody, Richards, free Bouk trial

Then we can go


I keep hoping the next Wojams tweet i read on Hoops Hype says

Hornets new management not expected to stay the course with "The Dude", mutual parting of ways imminent. Plans to give Steve Clifford a one year trial run.

Errrmmm … we’re fairly close to the draft and Mitch (plus team) are the ones who have gathered the intel.

This move would indicate that trading the #2 is more likely, IMHO. Don’t need intel on prospects if you’re not going to draft them.

Or that the draft pick should be obvious… it’s Scoot.

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Santa’s on his way! Get hype, basketball fans!

This is our super bowl fellas.

Let’s hope we quit playing the role of the bills.