Draft is Upon Us: Fan Preparation

I expect Terry or Gordo to be moved tonight.

I do not expect to see our #2 traded unless it’s for BI and NO 1st.

Should be a fun evening. I’ll be in Philadelphia watching.

One idea I’m in love with is maybe sending 27 and one of Terry/Gordon to Dallas for #10 and maybe a salary if we need one to match. No idea if they entertain it or not but I’d do something like that.


I really hope it’s terry his value is probably at it’s highest. Especially before the new cba takes effect.

I do like the idea of Terry and #27 for a late lottery pick, if that’s feasable. Seems like a good step for us to take as there look to be a number of good players who will be available … shooters, defenders, playmakers, even a very underrated Centre.

Hot d@mn! This is exciting! I LOVE Gordo but I would rather see him moved.

Can we agree now that if Miller is the pick there won’t be any sour grapes or threats to quit the team?

I wonder what podcasters are going to broadcast live!

They really want a center or a SF. I checked out their fan sites this morning because I would like to see such a trade too.

I’ve been saying that a large reason why Mitch doesn’t make any trades, in addition to him being conservative, is that no one in the league wants to buy what we’re selling. No one would really want to take on the contracts of Hayward or rozier.

Man I have a hard time seeing that Hayward contract get moved, even if it is expiring this year. Even if we move it, it would be a situation like in Dallas who would want to offload contracts with 2-3 more years on them.

And this hornets team has been saddled with bad money that they’re just about to get done with (Hayward). They just finished paying the Batum “ransom money”. I have a hard time seeing the hornets off load Hayward to have to take on more money right before having to pay Melo the super max.

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What’s you’re draft viewing setup? Any draft rituals?

Taking the kids down to the viewing party at the arena uptown. Hopefully it is a fun time

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I have my "I am Scoot!" shrine to pray and meditate at in my shed. I’ll need to sacrifice a goat before the beginning of the draft, but that’s no biggie. The usual. How about you?

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I’ll be down there with my wife, hopefully I can show her our new seats this year


I lol’d.

Ten characters

Watching/listening to NBA podcasts all day, setting up the bootleg stream in the living room because I don’t have cable and preparing to be refreshing HP all night

Also bothering my roommate who is a super casual NBA fan with draft talk

Locked On Hornets guys doing a YouTube stream. Might have it on in the background for the comments.

Also, what are y’all drinking? Going with a special small batch Roseville Union Straight Rye Whiskey. Not my top choice, but I like experimenting with different special blends the store owner picks out. Has a nice dark chocolate finish.


Edmunds Oast Sun Kissed tart wheat ale.

I am going Belgian white to allow myself the ability to drink more than one beer lol

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Good call… I’m starting with Belgian White to allow more beer fun, but will move to Flying Dog Double Dog at some point

I likely have some local 9-14% abv beers in the minifridge but those are one and dones for me.

14??!! Go hard or go home I guess.

These days, if I’m going over 9, I’m drinking it super slow.

Drinking a lime and pear infused Michelob ultra. I win the award for most embarrassing drink of choice tonight