Draft is Upon Us: Fan Preparation

Yeah, I thought Baby Maker is but maybe it’s just how hard it hits me.

Im watching now…. Ready to feel the pain with everyone.

I don’t drink, but I’ve got a solid energy drink here with me. And a few diet doctor peppers. And an athletic brewing AF beer. I like their hazy IPAs.

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Any favorite AF beers beyond that one?


everything that untitled art does is spectacular Non Alcoholic Beer - Untitled Art

and the WellBeing brewing lineup is also fantastic. There are a few more that Iove, but I’ll have to look them up and let you know. I quit drinking about 4 years ago and got way into the AF beer/spirits thing. I wanted to invest into an AF beer microbrewery, but I just dont have the capital to do it. Which is too bad, because that scene blew up.

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