Favorite choices to replace Steve Clifford

If Billy Donovan leaves the Bulls I’d take him in a second!

Good Lord, why?

pokes head up


Did someone say second round pick??

No? Oh, okay.

goes back into hiding

Well, this is interesting to say the least:


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Gotta be a box checking situation

Virtue signalling.

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I will say at least she is an active men’s coach. I almost snarked out loud when I walked by the TV in the gym on fix sports and they were debating whether dawn Staley is exactly what the hornets need.

I would argue against a men’s college coach period but a women’s college coach…

Nice tribute video and jersey presentation for Cliff tonight. Think he got a little choked up

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I think that’s what was on in the gym haha

David Adelman! The MVP likes him! That’s enough for me!

I was talking about this with my wife - Dawn Staley has no reason to have any interest in the NBA. She’s the queen of college basketball

I’d be interested in any coach that can get us into and out of the first round of the playoffs. I don’t care who it is. I’m pro Charles Lee but i can be swayed otherwise

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Yeah, and as much as she talks about loving and growing the women’s game, I’d be surprised to see her go to the NBA especially to such a historically challenging franchise.

As far as Harding goes, one place you’d look for a potential coach is the best coach in the in the G-League, who may be deserving a spot. That happens to be Harding. I think interview stands on its own merit, but it also suggests 1.) They’re not stuck in old ways of thing and 2.) for anyone who needs to hear it on the team, we respect women.

Will she be selected? No idea, but I see her as a viable candidate, if not now, perhaps down the road.

But I barely keep up with players these days though. I have no idea about coaches.



In all honesty, I think the favorite is the Kings guy Fernandez. I bet they want to bring Harding as his lead assistant or something along those lines.

I don’t like the idea of taking a college coach, regardless of gender. College basketball and the NBA are just totally different these days.

I would be interested in Becky Hammon from the WNBA but wouldn’t put her over Jordi or Lee my top 2 candidates.

What gives me hope it that we’re clearly interviewing the top, young assistants in the league, AND we’re doing it early.

I don’t know who the ‘best’ is, but Lee and Fernandez do stand out. Lee, by all accounts, is defence first, while Fernandez is offence first. For this roster, especially if we resign Miles :face_vomiting:, I’d favour a defence first approach as I believe effort and accountability should be at the forefront of our rebuild. I’m fed up with our players only paying lip-service to it, and not walking the walk.

I feel like he’s interviewed before…yep in 2018. Charlotte NC native also.


What I intended to say before I fat-fingered my way into deleting my prior post was that I believe he was the other finalist with Borrego when Borrego was hired.

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