Game 13: “We’re Playing Charlotte on NBA League Pass on a Monday and Ain’t Nobody F***ing Watching”


I know you don’t mean that but was a great shot

I actually thought he showed humility in his reaction

Miller had some great passes

It was not just moving the ball though he was effective there. But the times he got fingertips to prevent clean rebounds by Boston and was active defensively.

I think Mark was +33 in the +/- last night. Insane.

Can you imagine if JB was ever given anything in the same hemisphere as Mark when he was screaming for a rim protector?

I think for all us locals, for the last few weeks (months? Years?) of Charlotte sports, we needed that.

To have a chance to actually get into a game and get excited, and actually get to celebrate. I was silently fist pumping and cussing cause I didn’t finish the game til after 12:30, but I’m glad I didn’t check all the ESPN alerts on my phone until the game finished.

Hats off to Tatum, that guy is a machine. MVP type performance (as are all against us), but if they have the best record, he may well be. I don’t hate him for his Hornets quote, cause I actually liked his overall point. We just happened to catch a stray because how down bad we are, but I will always want to rub it in his face, and I hope we’re scheduled for Monday night league pass games for every other Celtic game.

Having Gordon and PJ come back from being out the last 2 games was helpful. I thought Miller had a good game despite only scoring 9. 7 rebounds, 4 assists, 2 steals, 1 block, multiple tip balls and defensive hustle. It’s awesome to have the kind of guy that can still produce and impact a game even when they’re not in rhythm. Awesome game from Big Mark too (desperately needs a real nickname). That +33 might be the highest I’ve ever seen for a non blowout game.

Biggest takeaway, despite all the pretty stats the last couple weeks, this one is one of those big arrival moments for Melo. This answered the question if he can be an end-of-game go to guy to close it. He went toe-to-toe with the best perimeter player in the league, and led the team to a 4th quarter comeback and an OT takeover.

Against one of the best defenses in the league, against the refs absolute refusal to even call a foul on any of their players. I think they had 0 fouls called on them in the tight 4th quarter, which is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen, especially for how physical they are.

But we now know Melo is that guy who’s capable of rising to the top at clutch time. That he showed us an alpha mentality, that he has intensity and cares about winning. The key is making it repeatable, but he at least showed that he has the requisite talent to even do it in the first place.

And if the refs ever start calling fouls for him, he’s gonna be a 30 ppg scorer. 1 free throw in 41 minutes, being aggressive to the basket. 1 free throw. Once he starts getting respect, he’ll become near unstoppable.


I do think that Melo doesn’t get the respect from the officials he deserves, but some of that is on Melo. One thing that would help Melo get foul calls is for him to initiate contact and use his body more. When he does drive to the rim, it normally results in some falling away attempt. I find that he uses his length like a serpent to avoid the contact and get the ball up.

Which is fine, but creates tough looks and contributes to his historical low percentage finishing rate. The floaters look pretty when they go in for sure. Melo uses the glass well, but it’s normally always a falling away from the basket-scoop look.

He has to put refs in a position where they have to blow the whistle due to contact with the defender, which he needs to initiate AND sell.

I hate that I missed this game, but I watched the 10 minute recap though.

Strictly from my box score vantage point and watching past games: that plus/minus for the bench rotation looks as brutal as ever.

Mark williams +33 is pretty telling. When he’s getting cooking AND rebounding, we seem to always be in the ball game.
He’s still 1st in the league for FG% (70.2) and tied for 2nd in rebounding (10.0). I really really want to see mark shoot it, and what that looks like from 3. If Mark can give us even a 32-33% from 3, that opens the floor like crazy.

I never saw mark as a physical guy coming out of the draft. I saw his comp/ceiling as Myles turner.

No matter how big of a win our team get’s it never turns out to be a turning point in our season! I hope you are right though!

For such a evenly officiated game, it seems like a sad note to have this strain of inequity left on the balance sheet. What a shame, what a shame.

It literally does not matter

They must not practice sarcasm much in the lower bowl.

I think it was probably the refs were so trained not to call fouls on the Celtics that it took extra time to realize they were actually trying to.


Didn’t watch the game until tonight but definitely worth the wait. One of the most enjoyable games to watch in a long time. Great team win all around. Maybe Lamelo’s best game as a pro. He played like a max salary player tonight even though he wasn’t officiated like one.

Didn’t understand why we didn’t challenge Tatum’s foul. Maybe I don’t fully understand the challenge rule but I thought we had one left since the first one was successful.

Speaking of Tatum, while he wasn’t wrong in what he said, he still came for us, so therefore the irony of that ending was especially sweet.

I hope Ish continues to get the back up PG minutes even after Frank recovers. He’s been really good of late.

Although it felt a little odd to cheer for Miles, I’ve reconciled it in the same way that I can reconcile enjoying the Ignition remix or appreciating the Declaration of Independence even though its authors and signers owned other human beings. People’s talent doesn’t excuse their flaws, but their flaws don’t negate their talent or contributions in other areas.