Game 5: Hornets at Pacers

Really happy with this win, but we tried really really hard to give it back. Glad they started this game awake though, didn’t give up 40 and weren’t down double digits in the first. Victory!

I don’t even know what to say about the 3 point line that hasn’t been said already. Drop coverage, going under screens, not switching, helping on penetration, having a foot in the paint away from the ball on the backside… we can’t keep doing that, the game is not played the same anymore. Every one can hit open 3s these days. Except Charlotte centers, because Cliff will never allow it.

Ok, elephant in the room, Melo is still getting back into form and all that. But he needs to start stringing together winning plays. He made an outstanding winning play on defense to close, BUT, that shouldn’t have been necessary in the first place.

We were up 118-110, they were slumping, a winning play would be to make sure we get a great look at the basket, maybe draw a foul, or work some clock and whip it around to tire them out. But he took a deep 28 footer early in the clock, which led to their break and hitting a 3. Instead of getting to double figures and grinding them out, they get new life.

Next possession we fail, they get another 3 and now its a tossup.

Another play, we’re up 3 I think, instead of burning clock, he rushes towards the basket. This is on PJ too, instead of pulling it back out, they try to get to the basket, out of bounds on us.

Then calling timeout when Miller was getting fouled. We’re ahead, accept the fouls, he was in no danger of getting tied up.

And of course, on the inbounds, great job getting open going down court. But keep the ball in your hands, they are coming to foul you. Instead kicks ahead to PJ who in his 5th year should know better than try to score on a guarded basket and lose it out of bounds.

It’s why the saying Keep It Simple Stupid exists. We were in control, but we gave them the ball with a chance to win instead of salting it away on free throws.

Anyway, was great that they came back after the 3 point barrage. Mark was awesome, did not feel like 27 points, but damn. Loved the block party in the first half. And Hayward definitely loves Indiana, maybe the Pacers will fall in love with him and make a trade.

Sucks about Terry, he looked like he was in the best shape of his life. That groin injury looked like multiple weeks. I never pulled one, but most hamstrings and quads take 2-3 weeks. Hope thats all it is.

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Well damn, that sucks. I hope McGowans is ready to contribute. Maybe NSJ gets his feet wet.

Great win! Way to keep fighting to stay in it early when it looked like it could’ve easily gone the way of the previous three games.

Really solid defensive effort in the first half. Maybe the best half so far this year. But reverted back to our usual bad habits of poor close outs and miscommunications on switches in the second. Nice individual performances by Hayward, Mark, Terry and Nick.

Hate that for Terry. The groin injury looked serious. We’ll miss his consistent offense, and shot creation. Plus with us already not being deep, we’re in a world of hurt right now. And this Lamelo situation is becoming concerning. He’s just been flat out bad all year. No Terry for probably several games and Lamelo at 25% effectiveness makes it tough to envision many wins any time soon.

I love his dog mentality for a rookie, he doesn’t back down and i love that

He’s also, possibly, our most fundamentally sound on-ball defender. Always using his hands and length to be a nuisance. He just seems to stay in every defensive play a second longer than expected. He’s trying to be a factor everywhere.


I’ve been reading reactions online to the Miller/Nesmith incident last night, and it’s been an interesting one. Lots of folks thinking brandon should’ve been given a flagrant or ejected, for what they see as some intentional, nasty foul.

It’s shocking to me how many people out there don’t know the rules. It’s dangerous to set “screens” (if that’s what we want to call what nesmith did) out there like that. You just can’t do that.

Like, is Brandon supposed to just take the hit from the moving screen on the chin and then apologize to Nesmith for getting in his way? Give me a break.

And MAJOR props to miller for running that down and refusing to be victim of a cheap shot. AND doing nothing other than roll his eyes at Nesmith for his cute little “hold me back” fake tough guy act.

Edit: it’s how I was taught growing up. If guys are going to set bullshit “screens” like that, you blow it up by going through them. That usually corrects it, or is enough to actually get the refs attention to start watching out for bad screens.