Game 64: Nets at Hornets

Have tickets for sale,.DM me if interested

Other than the game chat, the Wizards thread has zero human responses. Since it was quite appropriate and not deserving of a response, I chose to leave my observation here instead.

So who’s injured for this one?

Ah, so now Bryce is hurt now, Mann still out.



vs. BKN Bryce McGowens (R Knee Swelling) is questionable. LaMelo Ball (R Ankle), Seth Curry (R Ankle), Tre Mann (L Groin), Cody Martin (L Ankle) and Mark Williams (Low Back) are out.

We need to trade for Mikal Bridges! The veteran leadership we need!

I hope we showcase some talent and hope for the near future.

1:02 left up by 8 and time to choke! In limited time Pokusevski looked good.

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Thomas might score 60 tonight. Would like a scorer like that


Couldn't find anyone for these tickets man. Glad we're moving to the upper level next season. Lol


Hello from 218 my man

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Thor first off the bench.

And suddenly we're winning. :thinking:


Honest question, does Nick do anything to defend the rim? The BIs have to outsize the number of blocks. And the premature jumps have to outweigh any defensive presence in the lane. Right?


Brandon Miller is really good and getting better. So encouraging

Micic isn't a starter and I am not even sure how much of a long term NBA player he is but he definitely makes it easier for miller on the floor

If it is true that the nets turned down 3 firsts for bridges, they are foolish. He's good but really only necessary if you are a conference finals type team

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Brandon Miller could conceivably be the best player on this roster at some point early next season

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I think he will be. Melo is ahead of him for sure. Of course for the 10 games he's healthy


Fingers crossed he gets healthy, if Miles stays too will be interesting to see the dynamic on offense


Definitely. They really need a coach with a better system. I hope melo gets a coach that allows him to play his game but teaches him how to play and lead a team on the floor as a point guard

Hornets are hitting a stretch here where they aren't attacking. They are settling for threes.


The drunken martial arts basket by Thor was memorable


Poku doing his best to avoid being sent back to Greensboro


I am thinking the knedlt kid from tenn really might be the best fit for this team out of who's available in the draft

Assuming melo is healthy he slides in very well at sg without needing the ball in his hands to be effective. His movement can also help with miles tendency to get sticky with it

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We won a game!?

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Jekyll and Hyde from yesterday

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