Hall of Fame Discussion Topics

Hello Good Sirs,

I would like to nominate all “Hornets General Discussion” threads for each season as hall of fame worthy. So each year, without effort or fuss, there would be one discussion recognized, honored and properly cataloged in the HOF.

A practice of this nature would serve as a real time historical record of each season as they unfolded. Exuberance, happiness, heart break, anger warts and all.

Plus such documentation would also chronicle one small aspect of the Charlotte Hornet’s community. Exuberance, happiness, heart break, anger warts and all.

My personal favorite reason to pursue this endeavor would be to preserve the thoughts, musing and insights of posters from times gone by. That would be bitter sweet but also a heart warming tribute.

If this is not feasible due to technological limitations or lack of interest, then I understand.

Thank you for your time as always.

Adding my edits here because I really don’t like the big orange 1st grade correction crayon in the top right hand corner of my posts.

I am not at all suggesting that there is only ONE topic worthy of hall of fame consideration. My posting can be read that way. This is the main point. Feel free to stop reading now.

I missed a couple of commas and I have some unnecessary capitalization. PLUS using a conjunction at the beginning of a sentence? Yikes! There is also a verb noun disaster in my 3rd sentence.

Okay, that’s enough.

I’d support especially since right now it sits unused, not sure how other folks feel

I’ve got two feelings (yes feelings) to share: