Hornet player rankings

First Lemello Ball
Top 10 in the league
Top 25 in the league
Top 50
Top 75
Top 100
Give him a rank let us know why.

Indisputably Top 28, as there were 28 players selected for the all-star game. Clearly not top 15, since he was not in any all-nba teams, nor he was an all-star starter. I would personally say, top-10 guard in the NBA.

That’s tough for me. Clearly, he’s putting up numbers that have him in the top 25 conversation. But what about defense and how those numbers are translating to team success?

There are a lot of great guards at the moment who have played well in more meaningful games (though that’s clearly an issue with the team and not just Ball), so it’s hard for me to rank him at the moment.

I have no doubt he’s top 25 talent and looking like a potential top 10 talent, but lots of room for growth.

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Yahoo fantasy Basketball had him 11th . But with all the points now he will have to step up some to be a top 10 player. But i think he will have to get better to be a top ten player.

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Fantasy worth isn’t a great way to evaluate talent though. At one point 15 years ago, Brent Barry was one of the best fantasy players but he was hardly top 50 in the league those years.

Any more thoughts about Melo I would put him just inside the top 25 players in the league. I could go much higher if his defense was better.

Next where do you rank Terry Rozier . I would put him in the 40 to 50 range your thoughts

Terry is, imo, top 10-12 SG last year. I would put him 45-55 overall.

Nobody values our team. They see Melo as wasting away in NC. This off season, is making us look like amateurs. Us winning the lottery over the next two years will just send the message that we are the same old bobcats.

LaMelo I’d put around 25-30

Gordon when healthy is top 50 to me too

Sounds about to me .Hayward to me is top 75 . 50 to 75 is where i would put him

SO I have Melo top 25 , Terry around 50, Hayward , top 75
Washington between 75 and 100 is what i have
Plumlee I would put in the 150 to the 200 range . Williams I would put 100 to 150 so yes I would start Williams

@Dav Where do you put Bridges? In jail?

If Bridges was playing i would put him in the 30 to 60 range . With Harrell getting just 11 months probation and exspunged from his record . And no NBA penatly . WHO knows Bridges might get slaped on the wrist all so . Money seams to work wonders .

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