Hornets at Nets tonight

As much as i dislike the Nets .It will tough to bring home a win.

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I would love to sign Curry to pair with Ball in our starting back court. He can flat out shoot.

Clifford goes with Thor instead of Richards . When he broke the line up

Missed this game, but Jalen looks like he’s starting to come into his own. Got to 19 points for the 3rd time in past 5 games, and looks like he’s becoming more aggressive and looking for his shot.

Looks like Bryce got the most minutes of any bench player with 20.

With Jalen finally coming along and looking promising again, and if we’re going youth oriented more, I would guess Kelly would have to fetch the highest trade offer right now. Averaging over 20, can score from any level, doesn’t settle from 3 as much. Any middling playoff team like the Knicks, Bulls, or Hawks could bite, but the top teams could always use another scorer too. I think the Knicks have the most picks available to offer, so maybe we could get a decent first rounder, maybe even a young prospect buried on the bench somewhere around the league.

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I simply cannot understand Clifford’s usage of Richards. His per minute productivity has to be among the highest in the league, yet that’s apparently not good enough for Cliff. All he does is score and rebound yet he rarely surpasses 20 minutes of PT and last night gets benched after just 10. Instead we get treated to 30+ minutes of Brick Mason Plumlee whose elementary school-esque free throw shooting arguably cost us the game last night. Not that I’m disappointed with the loss but just absolutely don’t understand the logic behind that rotational decision. Clifford’s old school stubbornness is approaching Larry Brown levels.


Even not scoring, Jalen playing better.
Since Hayward out, part of keeping improved frontcourt play going.

Team at bottom 4 of league in FG% & 3P%.
Scorers give us some teasingly awesome exciting nights, but overall very inefficient.

So, don’t worry yet commanders.
Until Team make shots, aren’t winning consistently no matter other factors.