Hornets at Sixers to wrap up the preseason

No Melo but this is fun to study a minute

Sounds like Bryce’s having a bad night averaging a foul about every 2 minutes of game play. He’s played well previously so this might be the “away from home” effect that rookies experience.

On a team note, a 12-point 3rd quarter is not a good look for a team that had problems coming out of the locker room last year.

With the roster we are fielding at the end of this game, it’s almost as if Cliff wants an 0-fer preseason.

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Forgot they played tonight. Stats looked ok except for 24 turnovers and 27% from 3.

Thought Hayward looked good , But Martin gets the game ball +13 . 12 point 3rd killed us. McDaniels didn’t look to good . Thor had a decent box. POINT Plumlee with 5 assist led the way with Richards and Williams fighting for playing time.

I can Preseason spin all want too, but really want our scrubs to finish games and not get run off court by other teams.
Last best of our 4th quarter group, at least on offense…cause Bouknight & Co. finally made shots against the 76ers 4th string, g-leaguers, & g league wannabees.

Harrell end of last year for us or 76ers now show how really need a big.

Plumlee 51-44 vs 76ers, solid preaseason finish to average rotation piece for Cliff.
No difference maker, but shown can win as part of talented rotation as 1B/2A w/ another.

Nick 29-38, as #2 center not good, guess can see how a couple moments a game might get one excited, not me.

Mark/Kai unit not blown out, but 26-29 cause of offense, not defense difference makers yet. Talent there…more than Mitch’s Carey/Nick experiment…but for now garbage time/Swarm.